Thursday, March 5, 2015

National leader of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, says the spokesman of President Goodluck Jonathan presidential campaign organisation, Femi Fani-Kayode, left the APC because the party desisted from influencing the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to drop charges against him.
Tinubu said, “That Fani-Kayode is the best a ruling party can present as a spokesman speaks volumes about the PDP. They are bereft of talent and character. They are filled with lies and chicanery. Fani-Kayode is simply the worst and most outspoken of a bad lot. However, we welcome his interventions. They are of such low quality and base character. His utterances frighten people but not in the way Fani-Kayode intended. 
“Instead of scaring people away from the APC, his work scares people that someone so unfit is so close to the seat of power, someone so unhinged is given free rein to spit bile and call that public discourse. One must wonder who is unbalanced, the misfit or he who hires him. Keep at it Fani-Kayode. Continue!”

Fani-Kayode is currently standing trial before a High Court in Lagos for alleged money laundering.

Tinubu in a statement by his media aide, Mr. Sunday Dare, noted that since Fani-Kayode returned to the Peoples Democratic Party, the case the EFCC had built against him had been weakened as 38 out of the 40 charges had been struck out.

Tinubu said this while reacting to an allegation by Fani-Kayode that within six months of an APC government, Tinubu would order the party’s Vice-Presidential candidate, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, to step aside, and he (Tinubu) would take control of the Presidency.

He said, “Bola Tinubu helped build the great platform for change; he wholeheartedly supports the APC ticket because he believes it is the last best hope to rescue Nigeria from the disaster Fani-Kayode and his ilk will want to continue.

“I pray Nigerians will not allow them to misgovern us a day past May 29. If Fani-Kayode pretends not to know of Tinubu’s efforts to build and support the APC, it comes as no surprise. Fani-Kayode tried before to be part of the party but left when he found out there was no room for his games. Because the APC could not help to free him from the EFCC and the aviation fraud, he ran away to the party that blocked the EFCC on his behalf.”

He said the fact that Jonathan chose Fani-Kayode – who is in court for alleged financial impropriety – to be the image maker of his campaign organisation shows what the PDP stands for.

He urged Fani-Kayode to continue to attack the APC presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari as the attacks were making Buhari even more popular.

Tinubu said Fani-Kayode was known for peddling lies and urged Nigerians not to take him seriously.
All Progressives Congress National Leader Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is set to sue the management of the Daar Communications Limited, owners of the Africa Independent Television, AIT for the defamatory content of a documentary aired on Sunday.
Counsel to Asiwaju Tinubu, Mr. Tunji Abayomi, said a letter asking Daar Communications to apologise for the content and stop further airing was delivered this afternoon. A part of the letter to AIT reads, " ... You aired an hour long documentary focusing on our client (Bola Tinubu). Clearly pre-occupied with political resentment and hatred neither warranted, necessary, proper, or justified, you published several false allegations against our client...More disturbing is your misrepresentation that the said documentary was "sponsored" without disclosing the "sponsors". 
You cannot under law, hide under media freedom to maliciously injure a citizen's reputation".

The letter also demanded for N20billion (Twenty Billion Naira) as cost of damage done to the reputation of its client failing which the client will sue the company.

Another part of the letter reads: "…to affirm the right of our client against your defamatory publication, we demand that you confirm to us within 24 hours of receipt of this letter, an apology and retraction of the said publication/documentary." 
I think it won't be wrong if I open this letter by greeting you as the peoples general. I say this based on my observation of the level of support you have garnered amongst majority of the common masses, both those I have direct or indirect contact with and some others I read and hear about in the news.

I have observed on the social media how a sizable number of Nigerians preach you and I have heard of other instances where an old woman donated her life savings to support your presidential ambition. Just recently, I also heard of a man who gave you an envelope containing N2000 only, after he caught up with your campaign train in one of the northern state.

Sai Buhari and Change are now popular slogans in the streets of Lagos
where I reside and it is with these observations in mind that I felt there is a need to write you an open letter as a concerned and always affected Nigerian youth. Let me first state sir, that I have written an open letter to our current president and your major contestant, or will it be better if I say opposition, since to me lately, it seems their team plays the opposition role more than the major contender role.

Dear peoples general sir, at this point, I am almost lost for what to write since my writing is not forthcoming like it did when I wrote the current president. However, I know I must write, so it is with utmost humility that I beg you please read through this letter that may appear to be boring.

To start with sir, let me use this medium to appreciate you for how you have carried yourself thus far in the course of this campaign. From before the primaries that saw you winning the APC presidential ticket till date, I must commend you for the way you have carried yourself with high esteem. Considering the level of support you have gathered so far, another person may have put the nation into a difficult position now by their reactions to the innumerable slandering, dirty and campaigns of calumnies propagated against you.

Starting from the way you and your team reacted to the certificate issue, to the election postponement and especially to your address at Chatham house in Uk last week, I can not but respect your maturity and the way you address issues. Well some have argued that it is this your qualities and some that you have exhibited in times past that Nigerians need at this time in our political parlance. Anyway, everyone is entitled to their opinions.

Like I have said earlier sir, I don't really know what to write, especially considering the fact that my letter to your opposition (apologies for using the word opposition again), I mean your major contender ran in pages. However, let me just say this much which I believe may also be the thought of some other youths like me:

1. I appreciate the team you have surrounded yourself with, and want to beg you that if and when eventually you are sworn in by May 29,2015, please maximize this team during your administration and contrary to what FFK said some days ago, this intellects you have surrounded yourself with should not be discarded for any other person.

2. Sir, if and when you win, please make it a priority not to just create employments for the youths, but gainful employments that will be commemorate with the amount of investment they or their parents have invested in them. I said this because I have observed that even majority of those who are actually employed at the moment are not working in any sense, rather they are slaving in every sense. I have seen able bodied youths who will have gladly worked for a consistent as low as N10000 monthly income, but because they can't get such job, they now survive as oil bunkers, touts etc.

3. The people's general, I was passing through Alausa the other day, and I saw a small bill board with a picture of you with the caption vote electricity. Sir, you are just a year younger than my father, and contrary to what your detractors are wishing you, I pray you will still live at least 25 more years or for as long as you still wish to, since this is my prayer for my dad too. Nothing will make my dad happier than to live the rest of his life not having to cope with pulling the ropes of his I better pass my neighbor generator and having to spend his nights without the disturbance of the noise from same. I believe majority of the youths like me, who were not privileged to be born with a silver spoon also want same for their parents.

4. Sir, I grew up being trained by my parents to always be honest and shun all forms of corruption no matter how under pressure I am. Living with this value is almost getting me alienated since the society in which we are is really putting me under pressure to join if I can't beat them. To this point sir, I am begging, although I hear the major reason your detractors don't want you in Aso rock is because of your intolerance to corruption, please if and when you're eventually sworn in by May 29, don't renege on your fight against corruption. Had to say this because I have had some say you're surrounded by some corrupt persons. If indeed what they say is true, do Nigeria a favor of not changing to be one of them, but them changing to be another you. This way, Nigerians will be confident to breed more morally upright citizens that will take after you and place us where we should be in the committee of nations.

Sir, I have stated earlier that I don't know what to write, but I want to end my letter to you by begging you not to enter a revenge mission against the likes of FFK and Doyin Okupe or whoever you see as your political enemies, but rather please ensure that all looters are made to return their loots without any vindictiveness against them. I know you said you'd do this at your Chatham House address, but I just had to say it again for record purpose.

Finally sir and on a lighter note, in this remaining days to the general elections, please pacify your opponents in your campaigns by reiterating that you won't be out to witch-hunt anybody if and when you eventually move into Aso Rock and that you will accept whatever is the outcome of the election, so far its credible (though I believe all your supporters are sure you will win). This is because I see your major opponents probably have about 70% power and resources to make a mess of the election if they are sure of loosing at the polls.(Kaka keku ma je sese, afi sawada nu ni).

I am of this opinion because i think, if they are sure of a soft landing, there won't be need to make it a do or die affair and the democracy which is still growing won't be truncated so soon and maybe not ever.

I wish you goodluck in your political ambition sir.

At this juncture, I want to beg the general public to please share this letter till it gets to those it is intended for.

By Obideyi Lobinco Olanrewaju 
a concerned Nigerian youth.
There were revelations in Abuja on Monday on why President Goodluck Jonathan and the national leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, were angry with the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Prof. Attahiru Jega.

A week-long investigation by PUNCH in Abuja showed that the President and his party are not happy with Jega over his insistence that the commission would use the Permanent Voter Cards for the election.

Apart from this, the President and the party were also angry that the commission was going ahead with its decision to use card readers.

The PVCs were used for the conduct of the governorship elections in both Ekiti and Osun states.

The car reader was however not used in both Ekiti and Osun states elections.

The commission has said that the card reader can only read PVC issued by INEC and that any person that shows up at the polling unit with a PVC not issued by INEC will not be able to vote.

It was learnt that the Presidency and the ruling party were not totally against the use of the PVCs, but they were not happy with the use of card readers.

A worker in the Presidency who spoke with PUNCH queried the insistence of INEC under the leadership of Jega to go ahead with the two items.

He said, “Now, what we are saying is that yes, the PVCs were used in both Ekiti and Osun governorship elections but the way and manner the PVCs are being distributed now is suspicious.

“Look at the figure of those who have collected from the northern part of the country and look at the figure from the southern part, where President Jonathan hails from.

“If the election is going to be by ethnic sentiment alone, you will know that our President has been defeated already. So, that’s the reason.

“Look at Ogun and Lagos states, which we all know are politically sophisticated. Why are the electorates not picking their PVCs? We are worried.”

In terms of PVCs collection, figures released by the commission indicated that Ogun State is lagging behind among all the states of the federation, including the Federal Capital Territory.

In the state, only 808,590 out of the 1,829,534 registered voters had collected their PVCs. This figure represents a mere 44.20 percent.

But the commission said that 1,387,401 PVCs had been delivered to the state.

Lagos State with 5,822,207 registered voters had recorded 63.44 percent of the PVCs collection. This shows that 3,693,355 of the cards had been picked by their owners.

But the commission said that 5,558,062 cards had been delivered for voters in the state.

This means that there are 1,864,707 PVCs yet to be picked by their owners in the state.

So, in all INEC is not to blame. People should go out and collect their PVCs. Simple!
You may not be the only girl engaging in rough play with men who you are not married to, but when you start boasting about your illicit affairs openly then something is wrong that should be checked.

Beautiful and petite Nollywood actress, Colette Orji, has said she gets s*x whenever she want:
“You know what the Bible and our parents taught us and also what actually is happening out there. If you want to listen to your parents or your Bible, you can wait till you get married. As for me, I don’t want to wait.
(laughing). I can’t abide by the Bible stuff on s*x. S*x is something normal. If you know you are matured and ready and you can handle it then go ahead”.

The young actress started out as a good girl but it seems she's now keeping some wrong company or so.
On the 7th of February this year, there was a military coup in Nigeria. Many of us were immediately terrified and reacted strongly to this coup. See, 10th Feb., 2015- ‘The Goodluck Jonathan Coup of 7th Februray, 2015.’

Nigeria witnessed a military coup! It was silent to some but it has been a coup all the same conducted by the military who decided to impose Goodluck Jonathan on Nigeria. Not all coups are finalized in one day; the piecemeal nature of this coup confused some, others were simply disappointed, gave up hope and tore their PV cards right away, realizing the coup had been activated.

General Muhammadu Buhari, the main opposition candidate who by all measures won the elections of February 14th was complacent. The old wise General was perhaps too calm or too wise. Here Nigeria may have benefited from a younger or less composed candidate, because the protests should have been called up on the 8th of February. It was a coup and there is no reason to wait to protest loudly to the world that our democracy has been diverted. The world knows. But General Buhari recognizing this was a coup was patient to a fault and merely said – “if you postpone it a next time that will be a coup.” He was wrong; he does not choose when it becomes a coup. It already is a coup.

Recognizing that what transpired was a coup and a criminal subversion of the Nigerian constitution, our president (without a PhD) Mr. (not Dr) Goodluck Jonathan had to officially claim – during a media chat on the 11th of February – he was unaware of the coup actions of the military. This was however a full lie because the NSA Sambo Dasuki led coup was conducted with his full participation, with him hosting the 4th February council of state meeting for this very purpose and with the military coup documents presented and raised at that meeting by and with him.

And now the steps of the piecemeal coup are being put into place. Billions have been removed from Nigeria’s central bank to bribe all the corrupt community and religious leaders who have been forced by a chronically derelict system to give u on hope and lose their sense of decency and morality.

Jega’s forced Signed Retirement
Fully conscious activist SAN, Femi Falana has stated clearly that the “independent’ electoral commission chairman, professor Attahiru Jega can neither be resigned nor resign on terminal leave; however though he is absolutely correct technically he is not relating to the additional piece of the puzzle.

During the February 7th coup, Jega was at gun point forced to sign his own resignation. We have this on credible authority from Jega’s mouth itself.

When shortly, Jega announces his own resignation, who can compel or force him to stay further? The system has already been compromised. Jega himself has been compromised. By Jega bowing to the pressure of the military on February 7th and announcing their coup, he already demonstrated his inability and lack of capacity to operate under the stipulations of Nigeria’s constitution. He showed his weak human nature and lack of will to defend Nigerians and uphold the constitution on his one head.

Right now the Jonathan government is simply asking Jega which way he wants it. They will soon tender his signed resignation letter and then he either keeps shut and gets his retirement package or squeals that the signature is fabricated and forced under duress, and gets nothing and is yet never re-installed – trust Nigeria and complacent masses. Jega may simply tell us that he cannot bear the burden and has had to resign; and we will not be able to accuse him of being wrong. Have we borne the burden?

This will be Jega’s more reasonable action. Jega already failed us and at that time we did not call him out on it. Attorney Falana clearly stated that the army has no role in elections. The army position and Jega’s reasons for postponing the elections were balderdash and unconstitutional. Jega cannot claim he did not know this. Why then did he support and play the vital part in their military coup? There is only one logical answer—he has been threatened and forced. And he is still living under the same threat and force and Jega has no plans to be the martyr to saver Nigeria… and we cannot blame him. Jega himself cannot be trusted anymore because he is simply human and one human being at that.

We ought to have jumped on the streets on February 8th. We should be on the streets now. This matter is more than Jega. We all have a role to play and we must play it now or else we will keep watching the pieces of the coup fall in place and each piece will be rather too small to raise the dust about but big enough to cumulatively conclude the total subversion of our democracy and the people’s change choices this 2015.

All rigging machines are being installed; the coup is being concluded with the dictator or his junta being re-installed as Nigerians watch like mumus.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah [Every Nigerian Do Something] 
Email: Twitter: @EveryNigerian
Guys, please don't allow any girl push you into nonsense so you don't end up in regrets. Some of these so called fine girls their own brothers are broke, yet other girls agree to marry them. So, any girl who can't marry you for who you are, just let her go and live your life with a virtuous woman.

As you read this, operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, Enugu State police command, have arrested Uchenna Ikwuegbu who was allegedly on the verge of launching a robbery attack on residents of Maryland axis of Enugu.

Uchenna was arrested on February 16, following surveillance reports. He was arrested with a locally-made pistol, cut to seize with two live cartridges. 
In his confession, Uchenna said:
“I acquired the gun from a timber mill at Maryland. The urge to meet up with the demands from my girlfriend, Chinaza, living at Uwani axis of Enugu, propelled me into robbery.

“I had acquired the gun to unleash robbery attacks on residents of Maryland in order to dispossess them of their valuables. I was on the verge of carrying out the act when the operatives swooped on me. I do not know how they knew I was carrying a gun. I am so ashamed of myself now. I do not know what led me into this.

“My parents are crying their hearts out over this incident. They are so disappointed in me. I want to call on teenagers like me to shun robbery and other nefarious activities because the security operatives are always watching.”
President Goodluck Jonathan said yesterday that his government would not give the opposition the opportunity to rule Nigeria.

Jonathan made the assertion while launching the Peoples Democratic Party Wards’ Volunteer Scheme at the Presidential Villa in Abuja. targeting the grass-roots using about one million volunteers.

He accused some people of bitterly criticising his government because of their 'frustration and guilt'.
“At the state level and at the national level; well, at the national level, we cannot compare our standards with theirs because they have not had the experience, and we will not give them the opportunity. Because I know they will not do well.”

The president continued: “And I always say that when you see people talking and you see the bitterness in their hearts, you see the frustration, the anger, and you see them as people who are already feeling guilty, if you don’t have a forgiving heart, if you don’t have a clean heart, you cannot rule Nigeria because you cannot give out what you don’t have.”

Jonathan said the PDP had set standards in governance which the opposition could not match because they never had governance experience at the federal level.
He also asserted that the PDP was the only party with members at every voting unit, but lamented that leaders and members of the party had not been marketing its achievements. 

“If you go to agricultural sector, transportation sector, education sector, petroleum sector, we’ve opened up the sector such that it has created a lot of room for the big boys in the Nigerian oil sector. 

“There is no other party whether two, three, four, five parties coming together. They cannot reach that level. PDP has members in every voting unit in this country,” he said.
When you see some girls sell their body cheaply to lecturers, it's because if they say NO it could cause them more problems. This is one of such classical case but I think the girl kept quiet for too long.

The chairman of ICPC, Mr Ekpo Nta, has revealed that the commission had rescued a female undergraduate of the Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma, in Edo State, who had spent 12 years on campus just because she kept refusing s*xual advances from male lecturers...

Right now, ICPC is working on prosecuting all the lecturers and officials involved in the stupid act.

He said the commission had focused its torchlight on the universities, where it has closed down over 26 illegal degree-awarding institutions and rescued a number of students being victimised.

“There is also a student at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, who had spent eight years in the institution without graduating, as he was being victimised. We got involved and through us, he graduated.”

Mr Nta also said the commission had uncovered 50 companies working with the Federal Ministry of Works, which forged tax certificates.

The ICPC boss, who stated this while appearing before the Senator Victor Lar-led Committee on Committee, said that 50 out of the 156 major contractors to the Ministry of Works had been discovered to have submitted forged tax certificates.

He said the development would have robbed the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) of its needed resources if the deal was not uncovered.

Mr Nta also explained that the commission had been able to track some Nigerians who specialised in cloning official passports, adding the 375 international passports had so far been seized.

He said: “We have seized official passports meant for top civil servants being used by traders. We have done serious work on that. I have seized about 375 international passports which we have published.”

In fact, I think a body should be set up to stop the mess some lecturers are doing to people's daughters.
So most of the issues that Yinka Odumakin and his elders in Afenifere and co used as the bases for endorsing President Goodluck Jonathan of the PDP against Muhammadu Buhari of the APC were things that were defeated at the National Conference? If true, should anyone take credit for them?

Watch the video below for the full details...!

Wife of the president, Dame Patience Jonathan, has declared that the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) will continue to rule Nigeria for the next 60 years. Jonathan, represented by the Minister of Women Affairs, Hajiya Zainab Maina, spoke at the party’s women rally in Sokoto on Tuesday.

She said that Nigerian women had got their fare share and attention in Jonathan’s administration by holding about 50 per cent of the posts. “The president has fulfilled all the promises he has made to Nigerian women in 2011 and he will do more if re-elected,” she said.

The first lady also said that the president had 13 women in his cabinet, and had empowered women in many ways. She further said that Jonathan was also working tirelessly to curb the menace of insurgency.

While commending women in the state for their sustained support to the PDP, She urged them collect their Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs). “Your PVCs are your power which will help you to cast your votes for the PDP candidates at all levels,” she said.

This, she said, would ensure that women were not disenfranchised to vote. The first lady also called on mothers in the state not to allow their children to be used to cause a breach of the peace before, during and after the general elections.

Meanwhile the first lady has started the distribution of some empowerment materials to women in the state. The materials included 1,200 bags of rice, 5,000 wrappers, 5,000 bundles of guinea brocade, 800 women wears, 2,000 rubber mats, 800 children’s wears and 800 blankets.
This is kind of funny. On a regular day, guys move on fast after break up but in this case Foluke Daramola took the fast lane and landed in the hands of a female Pastor's husband. But after years of strategising, her ex-husband Tunde Sobowale has found himself a cute lady for his second journey.

Actress Foluke and Tunde's marriage lasted only three years - 2005 to 2008 - before things fell apart.
While majority of Nigerians are envisaging a Fifty something to Forty something percent margin in the coming election, Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State is seeing landslide victory.

Rising from a meeting between the president, governors and PDP candidates at the Presidential Villa in Abuja on Monday Night, Governor Akpabio boasted that President Goodluck Jonathan would win over 90 percent of the votes cast across the country in the first ballot.

When Buhari contested under CPC, Jonathan didn't get 75% of the votes. So, how will Jonathan get 90% with Buhari now working with all the governors of the most populous states in Nigeria?

Addressing state House correspondents after the meting, Governor Akpabio said the meeting took stock of what has been going on so far and came to a conclusion that the opposition is in disarray.

The Akwa Ibom state governor claimed that the propaganda which has been sustaining the leading opposition party, the All Progressive Congress, has come to the end of its tethers.

“The meeting was just to take stock of the situation on ground and the report is very favourable. It looks like on the first ballot, we will win well over 90 percent of the votes across Nigeria.

"Today, Nigerians are much more aware of what the PDP administration under President Jonathan has been doing. I want to commend not only the President but also members of the Federal Executive Council who have opened the eyes of Nigerians to know that so many things have been done in the different sectors of the economy.

“It was as if people did not know these things because the opposition took over and they kept saying PDP was doing nothing. Yet, in four years of the President’s tenure, he has achieved far more than any President had ever done in the history of our country."
President Goodluck Jonathan has said he will return to his Otuoke home in Bayelsa State, if by default, he loses the March 28 presidential election to the APC presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari.

Jonathan, who admitted that Nigeria is not his father’s estate, was however optimistic that he will not lose the election based on how well he has prepared ahead of the D-day.

In his words of President Jonathan: “If by default somebody wins the election, of course, I will go back to my village. The country is not my father’s estate.”
Speaking with Quatar-based international television station, AlJazeera, on Monday, Jonathan denied that he was scared of the All Progressives Congress and its Presidential candidate, Buhari, adding that he would win because he had performed well.

When asked what he made of the insinuations in some quarters that the sudden step-up of military operations in the fight against Boko Haram was because he was scared he might lose the election on the grounds of insecurity, he replied , “It is out of ignorance. In a political environment, if one party, particularly the ruling party, is going to the left, the opposition would have to go to the right. They must find something. They must have something to tell the people.”

The President, however, explained that Boko Haram insurgents were able to wreak havoc on parts of the country for long because the military lacked certain weapons to confront them.

The more we complain, the more ladies are taking their crazy dress sense to the extreme. What is this?
A pregnant woman, Mrs. Mercy Chintua, has been arrested by the police in Enugu for pouring hot water on her neighbour for engaging in rough acts.

The incident happened on February 23 at Akwuke in Enugu State, where Chintua resides with her husband and where she poured the hot water on the victim, Emmanuel Anyebe. It was gathered that Anyebe was about to take his own bath when Chintua poured the hot water on him.

The victim sustained severe injuries as a result of the incident, and was taken to a hospital.
Mrs Chintua accused Anyebe of peeping at her while she was having her bath.

In her account to the police, she said she took the action to punish Anyebe who saw her nakedness after he allegedly peeped at her in the bathroom.

She said, “On that fateful day, as I was taking my bath, Anyebe peeped on me while trying to gain access into the bathroom, and in the process, saw my nakedness.”

Chintua, who said she was angered at the invasion of her privacy, later heated a pot of water and when it became boiled, she poured the contents on Anyebe.

But she added that she was sorry for the injury, explaining that it was the handiwork of the devil.

Anyebe reportedly lost consciousness as a result of the excruciating pain, and was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

On his part, Anyebe also denied peeping on the woman. 
He said, “It all happened as I wanted to enter the bathroom to take my bath, only to be stopped by Mrs Chintua, who wanted to take her bath first. I simply left after she rushed into the bathroom to take her bath before I could do same.”

He added that he went to the woman’s husband to complain about the development, after which he went back to the bathroom to have his bath when she had finished having her bath.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Enugu State Police Command, Ebere Amaraizu, said Mrs Chintua was remorseful and had blamed her action on the devil. 
“The suspect is with us and has been helping the police in the investigations into the incident,” he said.
She said her dad is a pastor, her mum a deaconess. Her boyfriend has finished her. Her story below:

I am a Law student at Igbinedion University Okada. I had too much to drink at the last LAWSA dinner. The event went on far into the night and ended around 11pm. My friend and course mate suggested that I spend the night in his house which was nearer to the hotel where the event held instead of going home. I accepted because I knew I was tipsy and afraid to head home alone.

I dont know what happened but I woke up the next morning feeling used. A look at my body confirmed my fears, my panties was no where to be found. My Bra was hanging by the door...

I couldn't remember a thing, I was so ashamed of myself and all this boy did was smile like a fool. I asked for my undies and he told me that he helped me wash them as he knew I would need them in the morning. I felt he drugged and r*ped me because I couldn't recollet anything from immediately after we left the dinner hall. I threatened to report him for r*pe but he claimed that I actually begged him for s*x. I quickly jumped into my cloths and ran home so confused.

I went home and cried myself silly. I also asked God for forgiveness and took some drugs. I didn't discuss it with my roommate because she had previously warned me against that same guy.

I started avoiding and ignoring him in class. He called me over 1,000 time until I was forced to drop my Sim card. This boy later showed up at my lodge and would not leave. I had to report him to my departmental judicial commission and then to the Anti Cult guys in school. They arrested him and made him sign an undertaking to quit harassing and stalking me.

I dont know how he got my new number and called me this afternoon. I didn't know it was him so I picked up and then dropped the call immediately I recognized his voice. Then I got the shocker of my life. He sent me an SMS saying that he has my n*de clip which he took that night and that he will print them all and paste them all over the campus since I was taking his love for granted and reported him to Anti Cult.

I called his bluff thinking he was just blabbing. He sent me a photo on whatsapp and it was me laying on his bed stark n*ked.

I am finished. Any thing I do will definitely back fire. My dad will disown me. Please tell me what to do.

My world has crashed!
It shouldn't be any surprise, but the presidential election is shaping up as a case study in how to manipulate the democratic process. That President Jonathan and  the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) are hell bent to rig the March 28 presidential elections is a forgone conclusion. It's not even a fit subject for intelligent debate any more.

Election rigging is a little more sophisticated now than in the days of the Old Republic. Under the Jonathan administration, the practice of election rigging is alive and well and more pervasive than ever. The evidence is everywhere if we choose to look.

Why do you think there is so much push to send  INEC Chairman Attahiru Jega to Siberia?
Why do you think Jonathan obstinately refused to investigate the Ekitigate video on how PDP used the military and the police to rig the gubernatorial election in Ekiti State despite the fact that he was implicated by Musiliu Obanikoro?

Why do you think Attorney General and Minister of Justice Adoke filed and later withdrew affidavit against the use of updated electronic voters register and permanent voters card? Why do you think the election was postponed? 

Why do you think despite the damaging Ekitigate video that exposed Obanikoro as the principal agent of the President Jonathan saying the president sent him, Jonathan still nominate him as defense minister? Why do you think Jonathan has illegally federated all the 36 states with an army of occupation? Why do you think Jonathan wants to use the military during elections?

Of course there is a script being authored, auditioned, and choreographed by Vice-President Sambo, Femi Fani-Kayode, Ayodele Fayose, and other PDP criminals and experts in election rigging. But these are rather insignificant compared to the big picture that is being planned for the D-Day March 28.

When elements - Doyin Okupe, Ayodele Fayose, and Femi Fani-Kayode - in Jonathan's administration vowed General Muhammadu Buhari will never become president, do not think they were bluffing? They are working day and night to make this a reality. They have devised several plans which have been neutralized in the past. Thanks to the proactive measures of SaharaReporters and some patriotic citizens.

It should be emphasized that  Jonathan and other criminals in the PDP led government who are determined to bring Nigeria to its knees, have not relented. New plans are being devised, developed, and perfected on a daily basis. There are plans in the offing to impeach Governor Rotimi Amaechi by hook or crook in few days. This is to implicate him in many ramifications and as the campaign director of Buhari Campaign Organization destabilize Buhari campaign in general.

Suspects in prison for the murder of Funsho Williams are being primed to confess they were sent by Bola Tinubu. They have been promised heaven on earth even in prison if they can implicate him. The plan is to blackmail Tinubu into submission or at the very least distract him with a nauseous court case. It has been alleged Jonathan met with Tinubu in Badagry during one of Jonathan's numerous visits to Lagos and tried to convince Tinubu to back out from supporting Buhari.
Jonathan told Tinubu he (Tinubu) is number one on the list compiled by Buhari of those to be probed once he becomes president. Let it be known to all that Jagaban is under intense pressure at the moment to betray Buhari. To be fair to him, Tinubu has not succumbed. It is no secret that Nigeria at the moment is prostrate in a cesspit of corruption dug by a few. It is so humongous Nigerians will shudder when they know the full details. And Jonathan has been taken hostage by the monstrous clique of corrupt people responsible for his mess.

Ordinarily, Jonathan is willing to relinquish power if he loses. But these corrupt people have planted fear in him that Buhari will send him to jail once he becomes president and discovers the level of rot in the system. That's why he's fighting tooth and nail to remain president. This much has been alluded to by the former President Olusegun Obasanjo. The Jonathan government is capable of anything to sustain the status quo. They have the resources and evil minded people to accomplish much.

The fake Shekau option has not been discarded because it was leaked last week. The Ekitigate style is still very much on the table. You can see how it was tactically nipped in the bud at the House of Reps sitting last week. There is still about four weeks to go before the elections. If one hour is a long time in politics, you can imagine what four weeks will be.

The “election will never hold” plan is still alive depending on the success of their plans to weaken Buhari's campaign and decimate his support base in the coming weeks. If the plans succeed, elections may hold. If it does not, the Interim National Government (ING) contraption may be employed. There are many, many, other facets to this election rigging plan. I have only scratched the surface. As the election draws closer and closer, I will make other Jonathan and PDP rigging plans known to the whole world.

The March 28 presidential election is a struggle to install freedom, liberty, prosperity and the people's will. Nigerians have resolved not to be cast into the dim past of corruption, poverty, and oppression. Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom. All eyes must be on Jonathan's government and even on some APC members.
Can we connect the dots yet?

By Bayo Oluwasanmi
Never again, we can't have a man who lacks maturity like Musiliu Obanikoro as minister. That is the position of most APC lawmakers, Senators in particular, during their secret meeting to stop him.

The Senate had a rowdy executive session for about two hours on Wednesday as a result of attempt by Senate President David Mark to convince them to give Obanikoro an easy passage, in accordance to the tradition of the senate in the screening of former senators nominated for appointment as ministers.
A source said, “The Senate President pleaded with us to respect the tradition of the senate by allowing Obanikoro and two other former senators, who would be appearing before us for screening to just take a bow and leave. 
“We told him such gesture would not be extended to Obanikoro because of the two petitions against him that were forwarded to the Senate leadership, which he must address in a question-and-answer session.
“The insistence of the senate president that he would not preside over a chamber where the tradition that predated him would be destroyed led to a rowdy session which lasted for over one-and-a-half hour.”

The Senate had over the years adopted the “take a bow” treatment for nominee ex-senators. 
Obanikoro was a member of the upper federal legislative chamber between 2003 and 2007 on the platform of the Alliance for Democracy, AD. His name is among the eight new ministerial nominees before the Senate for consideration.

Members of the APC in the Senate had, last week, vowed to oppose the confirmation of Obanikoro.

It was learnt that Mark, shortly before plenary and in a bid to ensure that the tradition of the Senate was not broken, immediately ordered a closed-door executive session to iron out the differences between Obanikoro and the opposition senators before the ministerial screening.

One of the senators from the South-West geo – political zone, who preferred anonymity, told PUNCh that the executive session was rowdy while it lasted.

The senator explained that it took the intervention of the Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, to resolve the issue.

According to him, Ekweremadu suggested that the screening and confirmation of Obanikoro should be postponed till a further date pending when the opposition would have a change of mind.

Another senator, a member of the PDP from the North-Central, who also spoke anonymously, confirmed that the screening of Obanikoro had been postponed till next week due to the issues against him.

He said, “The opposition senators stuck to their guns that the nominee must address the allegations leveled against him but the Senate President insisted that he would never allow such things to happen.

“We however resolved to suspend the screening of Obanikoro and three others till next week Tuesday, if the opposition senators would not insist that he must be asked some questions."
When you allow impunity go unchallenged for too long, it becomes proud. Governor Ayo Fayose used about seven men in the Ekiti State house of assembly to sack the speaker and majority of the lawmakers, yet nothing has thus far happened to him and the few men he used.

Now, the same Governor Fayose has declared that President Goodluck Jonathan has the prerogative power to ask the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Prof Attahiru Jega to proceed on terminal leave and nothing will happen.
But Jega is not a civil servant and there is no room for terminal leave for a five-year appointment.
Fayose boasted that the complains of APC and other well meaning Nigerians are mere noise.

According to a statement issued in Ado Ekiti yesterday and signed by his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, the governor said that “removal of Jega and any other appointee of the Federal Government was a prerogative of the president, which no one can question, provided laid down rules are followed.”

“President Goodluck Jonathan can sack Jega if he wishes and if he does, heavens will not fall…It is on record that Prof Maurice Iwu was asked to proceed on terminal leave two months to the end of his tenure. Is Jega not a beneficiary of Iwu’s removal? So if Iwu was asked to go on terminal leave before the expiration of his tenure for Jega to assume office, what difference does it make if Jega too is asked to proceed on terminal leave before the expiration of his tenure?” he said.
Baba is a unique character. It was a fun filled football match on Wednesday at the MKO International Stadium in Abeokuta when a team led by President Olusegun Obasanjo slugged it out with a team of Ogun State Government led by the governor Senator Ibikunle Amosun.

At the end of the novelty match which was to commemorate the ex-President's 78th birthday, Obasanjo's team beat the Ogun State government team 2-1.

The two goals were scored by Obasanjo
while the Special Assistant to the governor on Special Duties scored one goal for the government team.

The first half of a 60-minute of play was goalless, as both team lost scoring chances. Obasanjo who displayed some dexterity on the field of play lost about four scoring chances.

But the Obasanjo team rebound in the second half with players such as Prof. Akin Mabogunje, 88-year-old Dr. Femi Olopade, and one of aides of the former president, Vitalis among others, gave the Amosun-led team a tough time.
Mabogunje was a capable hand in goal.

Helping the Amosun’s team on the defensive, were the secretary to the state government, Adeoluwa Taiwo, and the state chief of staff, Prof. Ganiu Olatunde among others.

The Five-a-Side match ended with Obasanjo, Amosun and Mabogunje winning golden boots, Most Valuable Player and Golden Gloves awards respectively.
Ladies tend to forget that they were not created to be equal with men. A man can be arrogant and once he makes money, he can marry the woman he wants, young or old. But same doesn't apply to ladies.

Beautiful actress, Yvonne Nelson has join the league of ladies who are complaining that men are intimidated by her success. While speaking on KSM’s Show on Metro TV, Yvonne Nelson said:
“This year I’m a secondary virgin I’m just trying to concentrate on my career. I’m not in a rush; I don’t want to marry today and divorce tomorrow because it happens a lot in the industry. Marriage is a beautiful thing but it has to be right. I don’t want to let my mom down, I want to make her and myself happy. 
"Most Ghanaian and Nigerian men are intimidated; most often when it’s age appropriate; then they think I’m doing better than them and that I’m going to be bossy and control them around. Those around my age are bothered that I’m an independent lady. That has always been the problem.”

Ladies, even before you make money, adopt humility so that your man will know you can honour him.
All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Organisation, APCPCO, has blasted the wife of the President, Dame Patience Jonathan as “an incredibly crude woman” and went ahead to praise Nigerians for putting up with her attitude and excess.

In a statement in Abuja, the APC said Mrs Jonathan’s recent description of the presidential candidate of the party, General Muhammadu Buhari as “brain-dead” was both insulting and demeaning.

President Goodluck Jonathan has thus been urged to call his wife to order immediately.

The statement signed by the Director, Media and Publicity Unit of the organisation, Mallam Garba Shehu, observed that “it was discourteous and inexcusable for a wife of any president with a modicum of decency to make such a false and infantile pronouncement about the health status of another man on account of politics.”

The APCPCO further recalled another of Mrs Jonathan’s statement in Calabar, Cross River State where she urged PDP supporters to “stone” all those canvassing for change, saying she was invoking violence.

The statement added that it was below the standard of a wife of a president to stoop so low to call for violent attacks against members of the opposition.

The saga is that Davido, like some pals in the music industry, is not ready for marriage but she was hoping that the pregy will lead to marriage. She is older than Davido and already 4 months pregnant...

She is based in Abuja and sources say the turn of event in the secret relationship is causing some storm.
“New music video by Eva Alordiah, performing “War Coming”. (c) 2015 WOLTRK Ent. Directed by MEX.”

“Adekunle Gold of YBNL Releases the video for his single, “Sade”, a cover of One Direction’s popular track, “Story Of My Life”.The story line describes the challenges a lot of individuals go through to find the right partner eg heartbreaks,betrayal and jealousy,but the end justifies the means.The video is quite emotional.Directed by Adasa Cookey [Square Ball].”

The Mavins‘ “Social Media Fan Video” masterstroke continues with the video montage for 2015’s first hit song “GodWin” by Korede Bello. If you recall, on Valentine’s Day, they put out a fan appreciation video for “Katapot“; the first of its kind.


Friday, February 27, 2015

The screening of Senator Musiliu Obanikoro and seven other ministerial nominees was stalled on Wednesday following the opposition of All Progressives Congress (APC) senators to the exercise.

Though the Senate informed all the ministerial nominees, including Senators Obanikoro, Patricia Akwashiki and Joel Danlami Ikenya, who were already in the White House premises of the Senate awaiting the screening, that the postponement of the exercise was due to the scheduled consideration of the Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF), LEADERSHIP gathered that it was due to petitions against the screening of Obanikoro.

The Senate shifted the screening and confirmation of the eight ministerial nominees till next Tuesday.

Two petitions, dated February 12 and February 17 respectively, have been reportedly sent to the Senate president, David Mark, against his nomination by President Goodluck Jonathan to represent Lagos State in the Federal Executive Council (FEC).

Spokesperson of the APC, Senator Babafemi Ojudu, confirmed, while commenting on the incident that there are two petitions against Obanikoro’s nomination which are presently before the Senate president.

He added that the petition of Thursday, February 12, which came through Senators Ojudu and Gbenga Ashafa gave details of Obanikoro’s role in the August 2014 Ekiti governorship poll, use of armed soldiers to stop the Ilubirin Housing Project in Lagos, among others.

Ojudu also argued that since there is a suit against Obanikoro in a Lagos court vide No: ID/433GCN/14, it would be subjudice for the Senate to screen and confirm him alongside other ministerial nominees and advised that the screening of Senator Obanikoro be put on hold pending the dispensation of the suit.

Arguing that it would be a contempt of court to go ahead with his screening when he is currently in court over the subject, the senator said he is confident that the leadership of the Senate would be just and fair to observe the rule of law.

“There’s a court case against Obanikoro in court in Lagos and that case is coming up for hearing on March 6. Should the Senate go ahead to screen Obanikoro next Tuesday, it means the Senate has prejudiced the case. That would be illegal because the tradition and the rule is that if there’s a case before the court, the matter should not be entertained.”

“This case is already before the judiciary and it has to be with whether he’s a fit and proper person, whether he’s qualified to hold public office. Even the case of whether he has dual citizenship is not for the Senate to determine. Besides, this case is not even about that. Whatever the matter is, there’s a subsisting case against Obanikoro before the court. There’s a case before the law courts; until that case is dispensed with, nothing can be done in the Senate,” he stated.
President Goodluck Jonathan has said he is looking for the Army Captain who recorded the meeting in which his boys, Musiliu Obanikoro, Ayo Fayose and others, conspired with a General in the Army to rig Ekiti election through arrests and free road for PDP men to move materials with a 'STICKER'.

Below is what Jonathan has to say about the Ekiti rigging saga:
“In fact, when this story came up, I asked the DG Department of State Security Service if they had investigated the matter, and he told me that they had some investigations, and then called for the person who claimed he recorded it and that he disappeared and nobody can reach him.

“There was no formal petition before them but 
because of the general interest, they wanted to have him interviewed to know where this was coming from. If someone comes up with a spurious allegation that has no substance and the person disappears, of course, what do you want me to do? Definitely, anytime we get him, he’ll have to substantiate his allegations. There are a lot of false stories being circulated and it is very sad,” he added.

On why he said the story could be fabricated, the Jonathan said:
“I have not watched the video. I said that it was a fabrication because, you see, people now, especially with the social media; we could be here and discuss issues and somebody will hack some of our voices and create a story that never happened.

“Therefore I am not saying that a meeting in question was held or not held, but the issue of conspiring to rig, I said it was a fabrication,” he said.
Pandemonium broke out in Mosafejo, Oshodi-Isale area of Lagos State, after rival groups said to be members of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, clashed on Tuesday and early Wednesday.

Four people were reportedly killed, while several others were injured in the fracas which was stopped after the intervention of anti-riot security personnel.

No fewer than 15 commercial buses were set on fire, while 12 others were vandalised.

Makeshift stalls in the Mosafejo Motor Park were also torched, leaving traders in the park mourning their losses.

When PUNCH visited the scene of the incident on Wednesday, the atmosphere was still tense as men of the Nigeria Police Force and some soldiers were observed patrolling the area.

The motor park, usually filled with vehicles, was deserted as the police armoured tanks and patrol vans took over the space.

Broken bottles, shards of glass from shattered windscreens and pebbles, said to have been deployed by some of the hoodlums during the fight, littered the road.

Bloodstains dotted the Oshodi Roundabout, where a man was said to have been shot dead and his corpse taken away by the police.

A vehicle was still burning as of 1pm. Around the same time, a police van manned by police officers was observed taking some teenagers away.

A source in the area told PUNCH that the fight involved three groups ─ Big London boys, Railway boys and Under-bridge boys.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the fight started after the police ordered that there should be a stop in hemp smoking in the motor park.

The move was said to have been supported by the Big London boys, which brought them in conflict with the Railway and Under-bridge gangs who saw them as an ally of the police.

The source, a woman, said, “That was the beginning of the fight. The Railway boys and the Under-bridge boys usually conspire to wage war against the Big London boys which also had Olu Omo as a leading member.

“Yesterday (Tuesday), the allied gangs struck again and killed four people. One particularly was popular here and we call him Afari. A man was shot in the eye, another in the hand and leg. Several others are in critical conditions in hospitals.”

Another witness, who did not identify herself, said one Idris was cut with machete in the buttocks, leg and hand. "No one knows if he will survive the attack because his condition is critical," she said.

Police Public Relations Officer, Kenneth Nwosu, while confirming the incident, said one person was killed, adding that the police recovered some weapons from the hoodlums.

He said, “There was an attempt to breach the peace at Oshodi. The hoodlums, who were rival members of the NURTW, engaged in a fight of supremacy over control of parks.

“In the process, about eight vehicles were burnt and 10 vandalised. One person was killed. Five cutlasses and four expended cartridges were recovered. Normalcy has been restored as adequate security has been made to avert any further breach of the peace.”

If you don't see yourself as an object that men should pay for and use, then no need to dress this way...!
Kike decided to walk back home after a 10 kilometer commute to her Uncle’s house. She felt she needed to ponder over the advice her uncle just gave her. A few days earlier she had received a call from him raising her hopes that he could use his position as a major stakeholder in a bank to help get a job. Kike read architecture in school but had no plans of practicing as an architect.

She just wanted to start earning cool cash just like some of her friends currently do. After all, her brother is a chemical engineer but is currently a senior manager in a bank. The advice from her uncle dented her ego immensely; she still doesn’t know how to react.
Why should her uncle give her the following reasons not to be a banker...

You work an average 10 hours
Banks typically open to customers by 8am and close to customers between 4pm to 5pm. However, the same does not apply to employees of these banks who work for almost 12 hours. An average banker works between 7.30am to 6pm and for employees on essential services it can last for as much as 12 hours (8am-8pm). If you are not up for working long hours for someone else then you probably should not consider being a banker.

You have no time for friends and family
Banking services require a lot of attention, dedication and concentration. When you work for about 10 hours daily there is hardly time to attend to some of the most important things in life such as spending time with family. Most young couples who are bankers often find little time to play with their kids or help then with school work or attend school activities. The negative consequences of this cannot be over emphasized.

You leave home early and get home late
We talked about having to work 10 hours daily however, that is not all, if works starts for you by 7.30 then you probably need to be at work one hour earlier. To beat the traffic and get to work earlier means leaving your house as early as 6 am. An average banker wakes up 5 am just to get to work before 7.30am. They also leave much later than most other professions. Most banks hardly keep to the nine to five rule and despite that, they do hardly pay overtime allowances for the extra time you put in.

You get fired very easily
The banking sector is quite exposed to a lot of regulatory and cyclical risk. When the economy is bad like it currently is, they are quick to run up cost as revenues declines. They also face increase in bad loans as most companies groaning under the risk of economic crunch struggle to pay back loans. When this happens, banks are forced to cut down cost hence the need to ‘downsize’ employees. 
Typically, decisions like this affect even the hardest working staff. It doesn’t matter if you work 24 hours or sleep over during the weekend. Most times when you get fired, you have no place to go because you are brain-drained. Imagine if Kike gets fired after working for five years. Surely she will find it difficult going back to architecture. In addition, a little mistake can get you fired regardless of your past record.

The most hardworking doesn’t mean the most rewarded
Banking is a service oriented job where money is made by earning high returns from customer deposits. Therefore, even if an operation staff works from 7am to 9pm every day, he will likely get less reward from a marketer who works 8am to 5pm every day but brings in the cash. The marketer only just needs to meet his or her targets in terms of deposits. Though an equally difficult task considering the apparent hazards, the difference however is that a marketer’s achievement is quickly noticeable hence likely to be rewarded more often.

Promotions take too long to come by
These days banking is a bit more like the civil service. In the nineties, a ten year working experience can fetch you a senior managerial position. Career development was fast tracked at the time as the new generation banks at the time sought new talents. It is not that way these days as you probably need to work twice as long to attain the same position as you would back them. It could take you as long as ten years to become an assistant manager. Promotions in banks probably come every other two years and it is not certain that you will get it.

Risk using your salary to pay for lost money
There are numerous risks associated with working in a bank and the major one is losing money. It is likely, that you might come across a transaction that might warrant you losing the bank’s money. Typically when that happens you might be asked to refund the money from your salary. The bank will just debit your salary for the whole amount or deduct it over time. The alternative to this might be losing your job.

These are just examples that you need to consider and talking to a banker may even reveal more things to you. Banking is a noble profession and can be very rewarding if you work hard, add more academic qualifications and have some luck. However, it is not a bed of roses.

There is no alternative to keeping fit, no matter how busy you claim to be. President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife hit the gym recently to do their thing and keep fit. All couples should do this!
“You cannot tackle insurgency for the past six years, now you want Shekau already pronounced dead by the military alive; of what use is that to Nigerians? All we are saying is, Bring back our girls alive; they think Nigerians are fools by bringing fake Shekau to blackmail General Buhari.”

These are the words of the chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Osun State, Prince Gboyega Famoodun who charged the government to focus on bringing back the more than 200 Chibok girls abducted by Boko Haram alive rather than clamour for the arrest of Abubakar Shekau alive.

While commending the military for their recent bombardment of Sambisa Forest, Famoodun queried the usefulness of arresting Shekau that was announced to have been killed long ago, adding that there is more to the call for his arrest alive now.

Speaking at the Osun State Correspondents’ Chapel of the Nigeria Union of Journalists personality interview programme tagged “News Point” in Osogbo on Wednesday, Famoodun begged the military to ensure that the innocent girls are brought back to their parents safely.

On whether APC presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari is fit to rule Nigeria at his age, Famoodun insisted that Buhari is the most eligible candidate for the exalted position by virtue of his experience.

Famoodun who cited the former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela who became president at age 75, maintained that Buhari is healthy and competent to rule the country, describing the claim by the governor of Ekiti State, Mr Ayodele Fayose that Buhari is not healthy as a ruse.

He claimed that Fayose who is said to be the protagonist of Buhari ill-health was just looking for recognition, saying “Fayose is not a serious person; he is only looking for attention”.

Famoodun said there is no doubt in the ability of Professor Atahiru Jega to conduct a credible election judging from his antecedents saying that no reasonable politician will doubt his ability.

His words: “He has conducted various elections and his achievements have remained unsurpassed, we have no reason to doubt him especially with the introduction of the card reader that will make it difficult to rig elections”.

On a quest for the good life, Nigerian Artist Trapstar Smash drops a Street Anthem titled HUSTLE. He sheds light on his day to day activities in search for fame and recognition in the music industry. The track  was inspired by the day to day hustle on the streets.
Listen, Download and Share your views.
Prod. Badman Jade
“Brand New video from superstar Diva CHIDINMA aka Miss Kedike. Shot in Cape Town South Africa, Directed by award winning cinematographer Clarence Peters.”

OFFICIAL VIDEO: Praiz Ft. Wizkid – Sisi | DOWNLOAD
Praiz finally releases the most anticipated music video for Sisi featuring Wizkid. ENJOY!

Confused Anti-Buhari Protesters In UK Couldn’t Explain Why They Were Protesting | DOWNLOAD
Some Nigerians where outside Chatham House, London today, February 26, 2015 protesting against General Buhari.
Many of the Nigerians interviewed could not explain why they were protesting against Buhari, some said they were supporting their president, Goodluck Jonathan, others said they don’t know what they were doing there, adding that they were told about the protest and decided to join.
However, it could be recalled that Femi Fani-Kayode was accused of paying some Nigerians in the UK to protest against Buhari.
Watch the videos below;
Anti-Buhari Protest At Chatham House

Buhari speaks at Chatham House, London on February 26, 2015
Buhari speaks at Chatham House, London on February 26, 2015
(APC Press Release) – Permit me to start by thanking Chatham House for the invitation to talk about this important topic at this crucial time. When speaking about Nigeria overseas, I normally prefer to be my country’s public relations and marketing officer, extolling her virtues and hoping to attract investments and tourists. But as we all know, Nigeria is now battling with many challenges, and if I refer to them, I do so only to impress on our friends in the United Kingdom that we are quite aware of our shortcomings and are doing our best to address them.
The 2015 general election in Nigeria is generating a lot of interests within and outside the country. This is understandable. Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country and largest economy, is at a defining moment, a moment that has great implications beyond the democratic project and beyond the borders of my dear country.
So let me say upfront that the global interest in Nigeria’s landmark election is not misplaced at all and indeed should be commended; for this is an election that has serious import for the world. I urge the international community to continue to focus on Nigeria at this very critical moment. Given increasing global linkages, it is in our collective interests that the postponed elections should hold on the rescheduled dates; that they should be free and fair; that their outcomes should be respected by all parties; and that any form of extension, under whichever guise, is unconstitutional and will not be tolerated.

With the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the dissolution of the USSR in 1991, the collapse of communism and the end of the Cold War, democracy became the dominant and most preferred system of government across the globe. That global transition has been aptly captured as the triumph of democracy and the ‘most pre-eminent political idea of our time.’ On a personal note, the phased end of the USSR was a turning point for me. It convinced me that change can be brought about without firing a single shot.
In the last two decades, democracy has grown strong roots in Africa. Elections, once so rare, are now so commonplace. As at the time I was a military head of state between 1983 and 1985, only four African countries held regular multi-party elections. But the number of electoral democracies in Africa, according to Freedom House, jumped to 10 in 1992/1993 then to 18 in 1994/1995 and to 24 in 2005/2006. According to the New York Times, 42 of the 48 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa conducted multi-party elections between 1990 and 2002.
The newspaper also reported that between 2000 and 2002, ruling parties in four African countries (Senegal, Mauritius, Ghana and Mali) peacefully handed over power to victorious opposition parties. In addition, the proportion of African countries categorized as not free by Freedom House declined from 59% in 1983 to 35% in 2003. Without doubt, Africa has been part of the current global wave of democratisation.
But the growth of democracy on the continent has been uneven. According to Freedom House, the number of electoral democracies in Africa slipped from 24 in 2007/2008 to 19 in 2011/2012; while the percentage of countries categorised as ‘not free’ assuming for the sake of argument that we accept their definition of “free” increased from 35% in 2003 to 41% in 2013. Also, there have been some reversals at different times in Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Cote D’Ivoire, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Lesotho, Mali, Madagascar, Mauritania and Togo. We can choose to look at the glass of democracy in Africa as either half full or half empty.
While you can’t have representative democracy without elections, it is equally important to look at the quality of the elections and to remember that mere elections do not democracy make. It is globally agreed that democracy is not an event, but a journey. And that the destination of that journey is democratic consolidation – that state where democracy has become so rooted and so routine and widely accepted by all actors.
With this important destination in mind, it is clear that though many African countries now hold regular elections, very few of them have consolidated the practice of democracy. It is important to also state at this point that just as with elections, a consolidated democracy cannot be an end by itself. I will argue that it is not enough to hold a series of elections or even to peacefully alternate power among parties.
It is much more important that the promise of democracy goes beyond just allowing people to freely choose their leaders. It is much more important that democracy should deliver on the promise of choice, of freedoms, of security of lives and property, of transparency and accountability, of rule of law, of good governance and of shared prosperity. It is very important that the promise embedded in the concept of democracy, the promise of a better life for the generality of the people, is not delivered in the breach.
Now, let me quickly turn to Nigeria. As you all know, Nigeria’s fourth republic is in its 16th year and this general election will be the fifth in a row. This is a major sign of progress for us, given that our first republic lasted five years and three months, the second republic ended after four years and two months and the third republic was a still-birth. However, longevity is not the only reason why everyone is so interested in this election.
The major difference this time around is that for the very first time since transition to civil rule in 1999, the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is facing its stiffest opposition so far from our party the All Progressives Congress (APC). We once had about 50 political parties, but with no real competition. Now Nigeria is transitioning from a dominant party system to a competitive electoral polity, which is a major marker on the road to democratic consolidation. As you know, peaceful alternation of power through competitive elections have happened in Ghana, Senegal, Malawi and Mauritius in recent times. The prospects of democratic consolidation in Africa will be further brightened when that eventually happens in Nigeria.
But there are other reasons why Nigerians and the whole world are intensely focused on this year’s elections, chief of which is that the elections are holding in the shadow of huge security, economic and social uncertainties in Africa’s most populous country and largest economy. On insecurity, there is a genuine cause for worry, both within and outside Nigeria. Apart from the civil war era, at no other time in our history has Nigeria been this insecure.
Boko Haram has sadly put Nigeria on the terrorism map, killing more than 13,000 of our nationals, displacing millions internally and externally, and at a time holding on to portions of our territory the size of Belgium. What has been consistently lacking is the required leadership in our battle against insurgency. I, as a retired general and a former head of state, have always known about our soldiers: they are capable, well trained, patriotic, brave and always ready to do their duty in the service of our country.
You all can bear witness to the gallant role of our military in Burma, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Darfur and in many other peacekeeping operations in several parts of the world. But in the matter of this insurgency, our soldiers have neither received the necessary support nor the required incentives to tackle this problem. The government has also failed in any effort towards a multi-dimensional response to this problem leading to a situation in which we have now become dependent on our neighbours to come to our rescue.
Let me assure you that if I am elected president, the world will have no cause to worry about Nigeria as it has had to recently; that Nigeria will return to its stabilizing role in West Africa; and that no inch of Nigerian territory will ever be lost to the enemy because we will pay special attention to the welfare of our soldiers in and out of service, we will give them adequate and modern arms and ammunitions to work with, we will improve intelligence gathering and border controls to choke Boko Haram’s financial and equipment channels, we will be tough on terrorism and tough on its root causes by initiating a comprehensive economic development plan promoting infrastructural development, job creation, agriculture and industry in the affected areas. We will always act on time and not allow problems to irresponsibly fester, and I, Muhammadu Buhari, will always lead from the front and return Nigeria to its leadership role in regional and international efforts to combat terrorism.
On the economy, the fall in prices of oil has brought our economic and social stress into full relief. After the rebasing exercise in April 2014, Nigeria overtook South Africa as Africa’s largest economy. Our GDP is now valued at $510 billion and our economy rated 26th in the world. Also on the bright side, inflation has been kept at single digit for a while and our economy has grown at an average of 7% for about a decade.
But it is more of paper growth, a growth that, on account of mismanagement, profligacy and corruption, has not translated to human development or shared prosperity. A development economist once said three questions should be asked about a country’s development: one, what is happening to poverty? Two, what is happening to unemployment? And three, what is happening to inequality?
The answers to these questions in Nigeria show that the current administration has created two economies in one country, a sorry tale of two nations: one economy for a few who have so much in their tiny island of prosperity; and the other economy for the many who have so little in their vast ocean of misery.
Even by official figures, 33.1% of Nigerians live in extreme poverty. That’s at almost 60 million, almost the population of the United Kingdom. There is also the unemployment crisis simmering beneath the surface, ready to explode at the slightest stress, with officially 23.9% of our adult population and almost 60% of our youth unemployed. We also have one of the highest rates of inequalities in the world.
With all these, it is not surprising that our performance on most governance and development indicators (like Mo Ibrahim Index on African Governance and UNDP’s Human Development Index.) are unflattering. With fall in the prices of oil, which accounts for more than 70% of government revenues, and lack of savings from more than a decade of oil boom, the poor will be disproportionately impacted.
In the face of dwindling revenues, a good place to start the repositioning of Nigeria’s economy is to swiftly tackle two ills that have ballooned under the present administration: waste and corruption. And in doing this, I will, if elected, lead the way, with the force of personal example.
On corruption, there will be no confusion as to where I stand. Corruption will have no place and the corrupt will not be appointed into my administration. First and foremost, we will plug the holes in the budgetary process. Revenue producing entities such as NNPC and Customs and Excise will have one set of books only. Their revenues will be publicly disclosed and regularly audited. The institutions of state dedicated to fighting corruption will be given independence and prosecutorial authority without political interference.
But I must emphasise that any war waged on corruption should not be misconstrued as settling old scores or a witch-hunt. I’m running for President to lead Nigeria to prosperity and not adversity.
In reforming the economy, we will use savings that arise from blocking these leakages and the proceeds recovered from corruption to fund our party’s social investments programmes in education, health, and safety nets such as free school meals for children, emergency public works for unemployed youth and pensions for the elderly.
As a progressive party, we must reform our political economy to unleash the pent-up ingenuity and productivity of the Nigerian people thus freeing them from the curse of poverty. We will run a private sector-led economy but maintain an active role for government through strong regulatory oversight and deliberate interventions and incentives to diversify the base of our economy, strengthen productive sectors, improve the productive capacities of our people and create jobs for our teeming youths.
In short, we will run a functional economy driven by a worldview that sees growth not as an end by itself, but as a tool to create a society that works for all, rich and poor alike. On March 28, Nigeria has a decision to make. To vote for the continuity of failure or to elect progressive change. I believe the people will choose wisely.
In sum, I think that given its strategic importance, Nigeria can trigger a wave of democratic consolidation in Africa. But as a starting point we need to get this critical election right by ensuring that they go ahead, and depriving those who want to scuttle it the benefit of derailing our fledgling democracy. That way, we will all see democracy and democratic consolidation as tools for solving pressing problems in a sustainable way, not as ends in themselves.
Permit me to close this discussion on a personal note. I have heard and read references to me as a former dictator in many respected British newspapers including the well regarded Economist. Let me say without sounding defensive that dictatorship goes with military rule, though some might be less dictatorial than others. I take responsibility for whatever happened under my watch.
I cannot change the past. But I can change the present and the future. So before you is a former military ruler and a converted democrat who is ready to operate under democratic norms and is subjecting himself to the rigours of democratic elections for the fourth time.
You may ask: why is he doing this? This is a question I ask myself all the time too. And here is my humble answer: because the work of making Nigeria great is not yet done, because I still believe that change is possible, this time through the ballot, and most importantly, because I still have the capacity and the passion to dream and work for a Nigeria that will be respected again in the comity of nations and that all Nigerians will be proud of.



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