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Revealed – How Boko Haram leader, Shekau was set up & eventually killed

sHEKAU11You must have heard the dreaded Boko Haram impostor and Commander has been reportedly killed in a fierce gun battle in Borno State.While there are conflicting reports on who killed him,(Cameroon claims they killed him but that report has been refuted by the Nigerian Defence Headquaters)many believe he is indeed the one in the photo and it marks a major victory in the fight against Boko Haram.Many insurgents reportedly surrendered to the Nigerian army after learning of the death of their  leader ..
A new investigative report by Vanguard reveals how he was killed
Vanguard gathered that when the first attack on Konduga whereby hundreds of insurgents were taken unawares and killed after over seven hours of fighting and several of their colleagues, arms and ammunition captured, the military commanders strategically urged his captured members to send a message to Shekau that they (insurgents) have routed the troops.
Before the captured insurgents were urged to make the contact and deliver the message, the military commanders had promised them that their cooperation would play a role in the level of punishment to be meted to them after the battle hence they felt reassured.
Also, the captured insurgents had disclosed that Shekau usually moved in a convoy of cars painted in military colours while he sits in a MOWAG Armoured tank with Boko Haram inscription on its front.
When Shekau was contacted, his captured men spoke to him in Arabic, assuring him that they had taken over Konduga, thereby giving him the all clear to proceed from Sambisa Forest. To convince him further, a set of his men captured were told to sing the victory song in Kanuri language they normally sing at the background.
Having convinced himself that the messenger was his chief courier in such situation and the message is authentic, he and his followers made for Konduga, heavily armed with Anti-Aircraft weapons, General Purpose Machine Guns, several AK 47 rifles and other IEDS’.
However, on entering Konduga town, he and his followers were encircled by strategically placed and heavily armed Nigerian soldiers. Immediately he contacted the messenger and discovered that something was amiss, he ordered his followers to start shooting in all direction.
This spurred the Army Commanders to give the directive to open fire. When he discovered that the fire power of the Nigerian Army who used both Infantry and Artillery weaponry was overpowering that of his men, he jumped out of the MOWAG and made to escape.
But eagle-eyed Nigerian Soldiers spotted him and opened fire in him, shattering his legs in the process. It was learnt that he also received bullet wounds in other parts of his body leading to his bleeding to death.
Recall that Military sources had on Sunday night disclosed that Nigerian troops scored a strategic victory in the current battle against terrorists operating in the North East on September 17.
The sources noted that during a desperate attempt to capture Konduga in their delusion to eventually marching on and capturing Maiduguri, the man who had been mimicking Late Abubakar Shekau in recent videos was feared to have been finally killed.
The sources said,
“It is getting more certain that the terrorists’ Commander who has been mimicking Shekau in those videos is the one killed in Konduga on September 17, 2014.”
Affirming the development, PRNigeria sources said the suspected demise of the Boko Haram leader is responsible for the scattering of the sect members in different independent locations in the neighbouring countries, especially in Cameroon noticed in recent days.
The security sources noted further that
“the process of confirming that the dead body we have is the same as that character who has been posing as Shekau is ongoing” adding “He is definitely a prominent terrorist commander. I don’t want to say anything about this yet please.”
Another high ranking military source insisted that the resemblance is too striking to be a coincidence.
“They cited his facial marks, beards and teeth apart from the recovery by the Nigerian troops of some of the Armoured Vehicles and Hilux jeeps that had featured in previous videos of the prime suspect.
“The officers assured that the Defence Headquarters will soon address the nation after full investigation of their latest discovery”.

PHOTO : Man ra5e 20-yr old girl in Lagos, uploads her nud£ photos on the internet

kayodeA 30-year old man has allegedly rap£d a 20-year old girl in Lagos, southwest Nigeria and uploaded her pictures on the internet.
The suspect, Olaniyan Oluwakayode, who hails from Osun State, allegedly rap£d the girl in his apartment at Ifako area of Lagos. He was arrested by the police and brought to the Lagos State Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, WAPA, in handcuffs.
The victim (name withheld) from Akwa Ibom State, alleged that after being rap£d, Oluwakayode snapped her pictures despite pleas from his sister to desist from such barbaric act, saying Oluwakayode was never her boyfriend as he claimed.
“He stops me anytime I am going to work. He approached me and I told him I was not ready to give him a reply. I did not go to his house. On my way back from work on Tuesday last week, I saw someone running out of his house, because there is a bush around their compound so he jumped from the fence down and held my hand and said he wants to do what’s on his mind.
“So I asked him why would he do what’s on his mind when I have not even accepted his advances, he said he would do what is on his mind today; so he dragged me  into the bush. When I wanted to shout, he brought out a knife and said if I shouted, he would kill me there.
“So from the bush, he dragged me to his house and locked the door. I tried all I could to open it but I couldn’t because the door is an iron door and very strong. He used his legs to hold my neck, he tore my skirt, my pant and my br+a. He beat me very well on my head, neck and body and removed my pant and he slept with me. After he finished sleeping with me, I couldn’t shout again because he was beating me and forcing me to open my legs. When I refused, he also held my neck so I couldn’t shout,” she alleged.
According to her, when Oluwakayode’s sister came back around 9.00pm, she asked her brother to open the door, asking him if he wanted to kill somebody’s else child. The victim said when he heard his sister shouting, he took her to the second room and still slept with her after which she urinated on the floor.
“His sister then came through the second window and pleaded with him to let me go, telling him that if she was the person that was being treated like that, would he be happy about it?  I started crying. I am 20 years old and I work as an Office Assistant and I learnt Fashion Designing.
“He has been asking me out for a long time. I was never his girlfriend, I have my own boyfriend. He rap£d me with pains, even his sister was crying and he snapped me immediately and his sister even said she will call his mother because even if she was the one they did that thing to, he would even over react,” she stated.
The suspect, Oluwakayode denied raping her, saying she was his girlfriend.
“I was fighting with my girlfriend but they are accusing me of raping her. I never deny the fact that I snapped her picture when she was nak£d. We were fighting inside, but any other allegation levelled against me is a big lie. The only thing I did which I do not deny is that I snapped her nak£d picture.
“We were fighting inside and she has been hurting me for a very long period and we had an issue which made me delete her number. Last week, she flashed me. When I saw the strange number, I called the number back immediately. When I heard her voice, I asked her what she wanted because she told me that her name was Blessing, until we had the issue and she said her name is Comfort,”he explained.
According to him, he met her passing by in June when he approached her to ask her for her phone number, which she obliged.
“Immediately, I called her and on her way back, she flashed me and I called her back and we met. She even came to my house and we sat outside and talked. She agreed to date me. There was a day we spoke on phone and she was asking me if I had an apartment, I told her that I didn’t want to rush into anything, that I wanted to settle down in my business. I do branding in my house at Ifako.
“They said I rap£d her, but one thing is that I have a conscience and she also has a conscience and let our conscience judge. I believe with all the proof, the truth is that I never denied beating her, I did beat her with my head on her face and on her back when she held my manhood; so all the allegation of bringing out a powder, a knife and belt, I did not do it because I have a conscience and she has a conscience, that’s all,” he explained.
Director of Child Development, WAPA, Mrs. Alaba Fadairo said the case would be charged to court as it was a case of raping and uploading the pictures on the internet.
“That’s why I am going to follow it up to the letter and see that the matter is handled. There is no going back.
“It’s a dent on the victim and it’s not about rap£, it’s about putting her pictures on social media. I don’t think anyone will want to opt out. You also know the government has zero tolerance for issues of child abuse except we are not in the know. He is likely to face imprisonment, but the number of years is at the discretion of the court.”
Pm News

Teacher cell Phone hacked – found Teen girl student naked photos

A Male teacher got busted after Hacker hacked his cell phone and found teen girl student naked photos. the Teacher ckaimed that “The girl allowed him to take naked photos for extra marks” . The school girl said “He blackmailed her and slept with her several times” Here are all photos :...

Hackers Unleash Amber Heard nak*d private photos (18+ NSFW)

Amber Heard is the most recent big name to get cleared up Hollywood’s mass photograph hacking scandal....
The wonderful actress is accepted to peculiarity in various pictures demonstrating her topless, which were posted on nameless site 4chan yesterday, in what is, no doubt named ‘The Fappening: The Second Coming’. As per TMZ, Amber was hit hard by the programmers and shows up in more than 50 topless pictures which were additionally imparted on Reddit....
Here are some of The 50+ picture Uploaded.. 

41-Yr-Old, Mother of 3, Chioma Toplis Posts half Nak*d pics (LOOK)

Check Out 41-year Old nigerian actress Chioma Topilis in Sexy lingerie, The married mother of three shared these photos on her Facebook page to show off her recent weight loss.
Trust Nigerians Na, Some people have seriously bashed her for posting these pictures cos of her age and the fact that she's married with 3kids.. Date360 Subs, Do you see anything wrong with the pics?


Robbers shoot pastor’s mouth for begging them not to rape daughter (Photo)

The heartlessness of some armed robbers who not only steal from their victims, but also kill or maim them, was manifested recently when a gang of armed robbers attacked a pastor of  pentecostal church in Abeokuta, Ogun State and shot him in the mouth for daring to plead that his daughter should not be raped.
According to information gathered by Crime Reports, the gang members, including Sodiq Asimiyu (21) a.k.a. Nokia, Lekan a.k.a Goddey, Ayo a.k.a. AY, Seun Ojo a.k.a. Sepe, Kassim and Sunday, among others, assembled at a hemp joint at Ojupa area, Oke-Bode, Abeokuta, on May 31, 2014, from where they took off to a robbery operation, using two Bajaj motorcycles.
They succeeded in their moves when they came across a man driving his Nissan X-terra Sport Utility Vehicle, whom they dispossessed of his vehicle in front of State Hospital, Ijaye, Abeokuta.
Unsatisfied with the previous day’s loot, the gang took off again with the X-Terra vehicle at about 5a.m. on Sunday, June 1 and moved to Elite area, Idi-Aba, Abeokuta, where they blocked a car driven by a Reverend at about 5.50a.m. while on his way to church with his wife and daughter.
A police source further informed Crime Reports that the man was dispossessed of N150,000, a Samsung Galaxy tablet and HTC phone belonging to his daughter, among other items. Not satisfied, one of the armed robbers who eyed the cleric’s daughter with lust, ordered her to move away from her parents into the church, with the intention to sexually abuse her.
On sensing this, the Reverend was said to have pleaded with them to spare his daughter since he had surrendered all they wanted to them. In a fit of anger over the pleading, one of the gang members pulled the trigger of the gang’s gun and shot the man in the mouth. Not yet done, another member went to their operational vehicle, brought out a bottle of beer, opened it and poured the content on the man of God where he fell. They left afterwards.
Nemesis however caught up with Sodiq when he was arrested on September 11, 2014 when he reportedly came back to Abeokuta for another operation. He was caught with a cut-to-size single barrel gun put in a bag. Also arrested was one Tunde Egunjobi in whose house Sodiq was nabbed. Egunjobi was said to be the one releasing his motorcycle for robbery operation and had confessed to the police that he knew the gang members as armed robbers. Both are currently undergoing investigations at the Anti- Robbery section of the State Criminal Investigation Department, Eleweran, in Ogun State Police Command.
Below are the excerpts of interview with the two suspects:
Sodiq Asimiyu
This is the first I would be going for robbery with the gang. I started with the gang six months ago. Ayo a.k.a. AY introduced me to robbery. I met AY at Saidi’s hemp joint where I used to smoke marijuana. He asked me to follow him somewhere but I didn’t know we were going for robbery.
We went to Suraju a.k.a. Dajunja’s house at Oke-Bodea area of Abeokuta, from where the gang took off for robbery operation. I did not follow them that night but I knew they were going for robbery.
Early the following morning, we entered the vehicle and started moving round the town looking for a victim to rob.
Suddenly, I saw that AY who drove the vehicle blocked a vehicle by the side. We ordered the driver, his wife and daughter to lie down and dispossessed them of their belongings. Kassim shot the Reverend and Goddey opened a beer bottle and poured its content on him.
I was given N40,000 out of the N150,000 collected from our victim.
I returned to Lagos after the operation to continue my meat selling business. I came back to Abeokuta recently and was given a gun by one Mojeed who is a cultist. He told me that there wasclash between him and other cult members over the presidency of the Eiye cult to which he belongs. He asked me to join him on a revenge mission. He put the gun in a bag which he gave me. I was also initiated into Eiye cult about four months ago.
What happened was that anytime I had nothing to do, I would borrow Tunde’s motorcycle and one guy called School Boy and I would use it to snatch bags and dispossess people of their belongings. I used to give Tunde returns. I have been smoking marijuana for a very long time. I cannot remember the exact number of years but it is not less than five years.
Tunde Egunjobi
I knew Sodiq and School Boy also at hemp joint where I used to smoke marijuana. I knew that they were robbers but I didn’t report them because we live within the same community. Sodiq was arrested in my house.
When contacted, the Ogun State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ikemefuna Okoye, confirmed the story, saying that the two suspects would be charged to court after the completion of investigations.

Nigerian Tribune..

Mike Tyson, Gerard Butler F#ck*d Me like an Animal - Kola Boof in New Confessions

 Is there any famous man Kola Boof  hasn't slept with?She broke Kimora Lee Simon's marriage to Djimon Honsou after declaring she had been sleeping with him while they were married.Now, she boastfully added Hollywood star actor,Gerald Butler and Mike Tyson to the list..
Kola who is a celebrated author and Osama Bin laden's former mistress is now married to a white man but that hasn't stopped her from revealing her secrets.

Looks like there is something about her which attracts powerful men

"We Want Bigger Condoms!" - Uganda Men Cry Out

Ugandan MPs have been inundated with complaints that many condoms on sale in the country are too small, warning the problem is a blow to the fight against AIDS,
Insisting that one size doesn't fit all, MP Tom Aza said Uganda's Parliamentary Committee for HIV/AIDS said a recent tour of areas worst hit by the virus revealed that some men "have bigger sexual organs and therefore should be considered for bigger condoms."
"When it comes to action, when they're having sexual activity, of course with the pressure, it bursts," he told local media.
"Some youth are complaining that the condoms they are being given, some of them are too short, their organs can't fit in them," MP Merard Bitekyerezo also told the channel.
Another committee member, Sarah Netalisile, said the size issue was "exposing our younger boys and girls, and all those users of condoms, to the acquiring of HIV and AIDS."

Hacker Leaked Rihanna Nak*d photos appears Online (Warning! 18+ NSFW)

Rihanna have nothing to leak, she usually appear Naked in public. Recently she was getting nude in most of popular Magazines. In spite of the fact that it has not been affirmed that the photographs show Rihanna, the pictures, seen by Mirror Celeb, demonstrate a lady with a striking similarity to the Barbadian excellence standing totally naked with her again to the Polaroid....The lady remains with her hand on her head, uncovering a trail of star tattoos – indistinguishable to those of the popstar- spiraling down her back.
Ri has yet to react to the photograph and we’ve reached her reps for input.
The Pour it Up vocalist isn’t the main star to be focused by programmers this weekend. Nudes asserting to show Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, Hayden Panettiere, and an entire host of other a-rundown stars have been circling the web – in what is thought to be the second assault of the iphone programmers....

The Mavins – Arise Ft. Don Jazzy, Reekado Banks & Di’Ja

Mavin Records is back with another captivating tune. This one is titled “Arise” dedicated to Nigeria as she turn 54 in a week time.
Don Jazzy calls on Reekado Banks & Di’Ja for Arise dedicated to Nigeria. This is a clarion call to all Nigerians to wake up. ENJOY!


VIDEO: Phyno Freestyle On Lyricist Lounge with Modenine

Phyno was a guest on the third Season of the Lyricist Lounge, hosted by Mode9. The rave of the moment and Penthauze’s poster boy Phyno got down to discuss a sundry of issues with Modenine, just before he goes into the Pressure Room with Modenine (and survives) then gets a beat by the show sidekick – KUE BOUNCE which he promised and did ‘finish

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bad Boy C.E.O. Sean “Puffy” Combs Arrested in Connection With Murder of Tupac Shakur!

On Thursday, September 17th, 2014 the arrest of Sean “Puffy” Combs may have been undertaken by authorities for the 1996 murder of Tupac Shakur on the Las Vegas, Nevada Strip. Associates in Combs’ organization have indicated off-the-record that, yes, Sean Combs was in fact under arrest. This disclosure comes just days after the 18th anniversary of the so far unsolved murder of the mega-superstar, Tupac Shakur.
       In a press release with the date of September 16th, 2014, a spokesperson for the Las Vegas District Attorney’s office said that there has come sufficient evidence to make an arrest and to obtain conviction for the murder of Shakur in 1996. This most probably indicates that an arrest warrant has been issued.
       The same statement makes mention that former Death Row bodygaurd, Frank Alexander, has led detectives onto several witnesses that do show a ‘high profile person’ is connected to the conspiracy to murder Tupac Shakur. It said that an arrest would be soon to follow.
       It has been reported widely by many of those supposedly in the know that, Orlando Anderson, a member of L. A. based South SIde Crips is the shooter in the Tupac case. Anderson, it is known, was beaten by Shakur and his Death Row associtates before the murderous shooting of Shakur on the Vegas Strip.
       It has been said numerous times in the 18 years since the Shakur murder that Sean Combs and associates used Anderson and the South SIde Crips for security purposes when visiting California. Also, Anderson, the investigation into Shakur’s death has noted, was seen at the Peterson Automotive Museum speaking with Combs and his associate Christopher “Biggie Smalls” Wallace hours before the slaying. The murder was supposedly ordered by Combs.
       A 2011 interview with Dexter Isaac found Isaac to admit that he was paid $2,500 by Combs to carry out a shooting in a robbery of Shakur at Quad Studios in New York. Isaac’s statements to police implicated Combs and Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond in the plot to have Shakur murdered.
       In a reporter’s phone call to the New York D. A.’s office they were told that it could be neither confirmed, nor denied, that it was Combs whom had been taken into custody. However, they did indicate that Combs was ‘a person of interest’ in the caseA call to the Las Vegas D. A. gained the information that a suspect had been apprehended and that an arrest was to be soon expected. They would not confirm that iti was Combs who had been taken into custody.

Eno Michael - Big Daddy

Eno Michael was born as the last of five children to the distinguished Professor of Economics, Professor John Ndebbio. She holds a Master’s degree in finance from the University of Calabar, where she also lectured in the department of banking and finance. She’s happily married to Mr Edwin Michael and this divine partnership has been blessed with a son as well as a very fruitful music ministry. Download and Enjoy (Big Daddy) from Eno Michael, feel free to share your opinion.



Right Entertainment in partnership with Achievas Entertainment, Record label to the Super talented Solidstar and Cameroonian, Xcellente is proud to Present to you TJAN and his first official Single IRE, real name is Tijani Olasunmbo Fowosere, he was born in February 21st 1992 into a family of four with two elder brothers and a younger sister. As a kid, he grew up listening to gospel music everyday in Surulere, he listened to the likes of Ron KenolyAlvin Slaughter and Don Moen etc, He was born into a family that loves music so much to a Poet father, from a tender age, he has always wanted to sound different from everybody, creating his own style called Soul Afro Pop with influences from his dad and elder bro who is a rapper, he started writing his songs when he was in SSS1 at the age of 14 and recorded his first song at the age of 17 titled 'what you like' but didn't promote it due to some circumstances, he later enrolled at the Muson School of Music where he studied music and vocal training, while he was at it he got admission into north American University Houdegbe, Benin. Although he did his music on the side but there was no proper push cause he had no money and no label, he was in his final year when he took part in the Nigerian Idol Season 3 of which he was among  the last  20 contestants out of over 2000 people from different places in the whole of Nigeria, he later went ahead to win the Airtel music competition in delta state Iseluku,  where he did his 3weeks NYSC orientation , it was through this platform he was discovered by Right entertainment and Achievas music decided to partner and give him a Proper push because they believe so much in his talent and potentials, Please take your time and listen to his first official Single 'Ire' and criticise constructively. 


Victoriouz Icon - Shout Out Ft Skales

Fast rising superstar producer, Victoriouz Icon keeps dishing us with great tunes as he gets Skales on this new track they both titled – “Shout Out”. This is a Jam! This is off his album – “The Greatest” dropping on the 25th of this month and it promises nothing but great music. Skales went in really hard on this dope production from the Icon himself “Victoriouz”.Believe me Skales will be everywhere come next year… This track shows you that we haven’t heard the best of Skales yet.
Download and Enjoy!

Lil P - TributeToDagrin (Prod by killerTunes )


Lil P drops his own tribute to dagrin after four years of dagrin's Death . Lil p likes dagrin so much and now has decided to do what dagrin does . The young 13 year old indigenous Rapper.    " LIL P " is Under Bang Mewsic Ent  . The #TributeToDagrin his to Anticipate his forth coming EP dropping very soon #TheRODEP . The Return Of Dagrin EP download and listen to this tribute song till the EP drops .

Sling Kid – Fimile + Aboki | @Sling_Kid

Multi-talented rapper/singer popularly known as ‘SLING KID’, making waves in Harmony City drops two official singles titled ‘FIMILE’ and ‘ABOKI’ . Both tracks produced by Temmy. This tune will definitely make you turn up!. ‘ABOKI’ which is a cover of Ice prince’s Aboki . SLING KID did justice to this beat with a great collaboration with ‘YUNGFRED’.
Download and Share.


MAN-SEAN a Talented young Artist from kwara state, enveloped with the gift
of good Music  from 2008, A genre of  Makosa dance,  Afro dance and Afro
pop kind of Music. Now dropping His first Hot, Dance hall music COUPE
DACALE. Download this hot Jamz, also a Tune for all DJ’s to get there
smooth Mix going.

Mixtape: DJ Donak - #HustleMixtape ft. Gado [@djdonak]

When You Hear this Jingle "DJ Donak Oya!!!" you should know its dancing time.
DJ Donak presents another mind-blowing Mixtape "Hustle Mixtape" featuring  "Gado" the "Hustle" Crooner which is actually the titled of this Mixtape.
Get Ready to be thrilled with new club bangers from Artistes like Gado, Sean Tizzle, Mr 2Kay, Iyanya, Lil KeshPatoranking, P-Square etc.
Don't Dull, Hit the Download Button and Enjoy it all day, Don't forget to share with your friends.
Follow Him on Twitter @djdonak
Intro by Gado
1.Selebobo - Selfie
2.Gado - Hustle ft. Alvin Spiff
3.Lil Kesh - Shoki
4.Olamide - Story for the gods
5.Danas - My Melody Remix ft Duncan
6.P-Square - Collabo ft. Don Jazzy
7.Tekno - Shoki ft. B Red
8.Flavour - Wake Up ft. Wande Coal
9.Legenndury Beatz - Oje ft. Wizkid
10.Blaze Z - My DJ ft. DJ Donak
11.Duncan Mighty - Ikebe Gyrate
12.Sean Tizzle - Rara
13.DJ Donak - Rotate
14.Davido - Tchelete ft Mafikizolo
15.Wizkid - Show You The Money Remix
16.Gado - Your Loving ft. Alvin Spiff
17.Shaydee - Chakam
18.Lil Kesh - Last Card
19.Mr 2Kay - Addicted
20.CeePee - Fine Pass
21.Davido - Skelewu Remix ft. Uhuru
22.Uhuru - Y-Tjukutja
23.Orezi - You Garrit Remix ft. Wizkid
24.Skales - Shake Body
25.Paradise - Play My Song
26.Iyanya - Story Story ft. Oritse Femi
27.Slyde - Banana
28.Patoranking - Push It In
29.Gado - Hustle ft. Alvin Spiff
Outro by Gado