Saturday, August 29, 2015

After the successful release of the video to his single My Cap remix 
featuring Sound Sultan, Triple Ice Music recording artiste VEECKO KYNGZ makes a follow up with the official release of the video to his second single COMMUNICATE featuring Port Harcourt 1st son Duncan Mighty. The video was shot in Lagos and Paul Gambit with cameo appearances from Ruggedman and Mbryo. The song was produced by Mr Tee.

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Garri no get advertisement but na them sell pass. Likewise a good music doesn't deserve much hype to be loved.  

Chukwudi Daniel Awadike, musically known as Mister Rydda aka #MrNoSleepingOnBicycle has a cute fresh tune for you'll. ‎

Rybaba, as he's fondly called by his teeming fans, is having a good year touring the country with Africa's largest firm 'Intafact Beverages' makers of Hero Lager Beer. Rydda jumped on this mid-tempo beat, Bringing forth this massive tune with a catchy hook and a beautiful chorus titled 'jajaja (Gyration)', to put his beautiful fans on their feet.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Black70 back with a quick one called this  "Roll A Blunt" if you love reggae tunes you should love this,,, hit the jump and enjoy........Happy Birday Black70
twitter/IG @iamblack70

In this dark world we live in, and the perversion and immoral standards of degrading lifestyle in submission to the negative impact of our society today, births a fast rising gospel/Inspirational minister of the gospel with high standards and moral values. Becky Omeben aka Becks is an Inspirational Artiste,praise/worship leader who started her career in music by writing songs from the early age of 10. However her new debut single is a song perfectly written about God’s goodness in English, Esan, Urhobo, and Ibo respectively. The song titled ‘I Give You Praise’ was produced by the renowned Bassist/Artiste Ken Albert popularly known as KenBaZe who has professionally been in the music scene and mix/mastered by TopAge. Listen, enjoy and stay blessed.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The dog that will get lost, perhaps forever, will not hear the whistle of the hunter. Bukola Saraki, Nigeria's self-styled Senate President, is running against strong winds of public discontent and disgust with his unbridled lust for power.

Rather than eat the humble pie and respect the party and the president, Saraki is set in his ways of treachery and arm-twisting. He thinks money answereth all things. But now, he has added blackmail to his many tools. Simply put, he has sent out the message which all unbiased political observers long expected; that he will frustrate any nominee from the Buhari/Tinubu camp during the Senate screening. We wish Saraki all the best.

However, Saraki needs be reminded that Nigerians will see through his bags of tricks and will hold him responsible to stalling and stalking the Buhari government and for sabotaging the agenda of change for which Buhari was elected.

How much is one man's ambition worth?
Is it worth the destruction of a government? Is it worth the corruption of the system? Is it worth holding the President and the party to ransom? Saraki is on a journey of no return. His days are numbered in the seat he so undeservedly occupies.

The story of Saraki's rebellion and his crushing ambition to become Senate President is well known. What is not well known yet is where it will lead to and where it will end. Saraki is not alone on this journey. As the script plays out, we know Saraki,s destination. Nigerian's already have formed their opinion about Saraki as an usurper. How he intends to hold the government of Buhari to ransom is incomprehensible and clearly underhanded. How Tinubu is responsible for his present problem with the President is unclear. The nominees for key positions are nominees of the government picked to serve Nigerians. Every attempt to frustrate them must be regarded as unpatriotic and a sabotage of the Nigerian nation.

The process that produced Saraki was fraudulent. Saraki now behaves as if Nigeria owes him. He is on an Olympian height. He is riding the tiger and we know what happens to those who do that. The Nigerian People will rise against him for impeding the government they worked, sweated and died to elect.

The unfolding political drama has exposed Saraki as a power monger. He wants power at all costs. But beyond the throne of bayonets he now sits are the well founded allegations of corruption that have being hanging over his head for years. He must be made to answer because he who comes to equity must come with clean hands. No amount of media slander or public relations can save Saraki from the tide that will blow his way. In the Saraki political kingdom, only the loyal stand a chance.

Saraki is his own problem. Not Tinubu. Not Buhari. He brought it upon himself. Hence, only he should bear his cross. Not the Buhari-loving Nigerians. Not the carefully selected nominees Buhari want in his government. Whatever a man sow, so shall he reap.
By Segun Igbalode

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Emma Nyra X Uti – “Got Swag (Bia Kene)” (Prod. Selebobo) mp3 download

Emma Nyra is back at it again with Uti on this solid track titled “Got Swag(Bia Kene)”. Its a solid jam that would make you nod your head back and forth every time its played

VIDEO: Samklef – “Iyin”
Ace producer Samklef who dropped two Gospel tracks some days ago is back with a Viral Video of#IYIN.
IYIN viral video which features Wizkid, Olamide, Skales, D’prince and Ice Prince talks about the Superstar’s experiences in the entertainment industry, some of his past music videos and stage performances.
Watch Video
- Robert Kiyosaki is the author of the very popular motivational book - Rich Dad, Poor Dad!

The Decisions You Need to Make to Get Rich
I sat quietly one night and my lessons began all over again. I could hear my rich dad talking. “The only difference between the rich, poor and middle class,” he said, “is the kind of lifestyle they want. You don’t have to be psychic to tell a person’s future. If you listen to the words a person uses, they will tell you their future.”

Rich Dad believed that words were a person’s most important tool. He constantly reminded me to watch the words I spoke, simply because he believed that the words you speak and what you think ultimately become the world you live in. He often quoted the Old Testament: “And the word became flesh”.

So that night, I remembered Rich Dad reminding me to listen to different people’s words. I noticed that poor people often said:

“I just want enough money to pay the rent.”
“I need money to get to the next pay day.”
“After I pay my bills, I don't know how my family can afford to eat.”

People who used words such as these, often focused only on financial survival. Rich Dad often referred to these people as “poor” people, because they were poor managers of money. So a person who thought or spoke words such as these was constantly fighting for financial survival, regardless of how much money they made.

I noticed that the middle class focused on comfort. That is why so many of them say, “I don’t want to be rich. I just want to be comfortable.”

The rich used the vocabulary found in the asset column. Rich Dad said, “The rich are rich because they are not focused on day-to-day short-term survival, or the expense column as the poor are. Nor are the rich focused on comfort and the acquisition of liabilities using credit, as the middle class is.

The rich are rich because they focus on the long-term acquisition of assets... assets such as stocks, bonds, businesses and income producing real estate. Many times the rich will forsake meals, a steady pay check, a vacation, or the comfort of a nice home, to build or acquire real assets.”

So decide to be rich, even if you are broke today. Being poor is eternal but being broke is temporary.

Whether you have money or not, it is important to “Be” rich if you decide to do so, which means being willing to make being rich more important than merely surviving financially or being comfortable.

Choose Your Friends and Partners Wisely
Most of my best investments come from my rich friends, not from my stock brokers or real estate brokers. It is important to know if a person’s aspirations are to be rich, comfortable or simply survive.

Friends who merely want to be comfortable or survive will not understand why you want to be rich and may unconsciously pull you down. The most important investment you can make is in your financial education and financial experience. Invest in that and soon you will live the life of your dreams.
Yoruba actress Bombo Thomas in a chat with Potpourri spoke about the actors she would love to kiss, why she can never be friends with benefits to any man and insinuations that some Nollywood babes are glorified prostitutes. Read her perspective below:

Have you ever been friends with benefit with anybody?
No, I don’t subscribe to it. I’ve always had a smooth arrangement with everybody I’ve come in contact with. However, like the Kumi guy I told you about, we started out as friends, and you know we ladies always know when guys like us. But I, as a person, don’t like to drag it out of you. I’ll act as if I can’t read between the lines. Anyway, we gradually began a relationship, but I won’t even peck an ordinary friend; it’s that bad.

It is believed that many actresses these days are glorified prostitutes, what’s your take on that?
When people say things like that, I feel it’s their opinion, which they have a right to. I have a lot of guys as friends and I know that they like actresses, maybe because they can boast with it that they’re dating famous people. There are many girls out there who can do whatever they like without public scrutiny, but it’s not so for actresses. But why would someone who is famous be prostituting when the attention of the whole world is on her? It doesn’t make sense. Being famous deprives one of doing certain things.

If anyone calls me with a strange number and starts saying funny things like I like you, or I have so and so uncle I want you to meet, I just block the person’s line straight away. I’m not cut out for things like that. It takes a lot of effort for any member of the opposite sex to be my friend. For whoever is hiding under this umbrella to tarnish other people’s image, I think they should be checked.

Which actor would you like to kiss?
It’s Idris Elba, but lately I’ve had a crush on Terrence Howard. Locally, it’s John Dumelo (Blushes).
In what could be best described as a carnival like event, mammoth crowd of party supporters, political associates and well wishers accompaniedthe incumbent Governor of Kogi State, Captain Idris Wada to Abuja on Thursday as he stormed the PDP headquarters to pick the nomination form of his party to run for a second term in office.

The huge crowd is a testimony that Capt. Idris Wada has the unflinching support of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) both at the state and the national level contrary to sponsored propaganda to the contrary.

Addressing the teeming supporters shortly after picking his nomination form for the November 2015 gubernatorial election in the state, Capt. Idris Wada assured the people of Kogi state of his readiness to offer himself for service for a second term in office.

“It is my wish to continue to be a leader with the fear of God and not a ruler, demonstrate the democratic tenet and deploy dividends of democracy to all areas in the state. Lets join hands as this project needs a collective resolve from all of us,” he said.

Some of the party stalwart who spoke at the occasion disclosed that the party elders and the different groups endorsed the candidacy of Captain Idris Wada because of his unprecedented track record of achievements in the state inspite of the glaring challenges.
Recently, the Senate President and Chairman of the National Assembly, Senator Bukola Saraki officially inaugurated the Senator Babajide Omoworare representing Osun East Senatorial District at the Upper Chambers of the National Assembly as the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Rules and Business, one of the most powerful committees of the legislature as its responsibilities being the ‘engine room’ or ‘power house’ of the Senate involves the scheduling of the day to day order of motions, bills and other matters of/for legislative deliberations and debate on the floor.

Without any doubt, this as well as other committee appointments made by the Senate President since his assumption of office seem to be a case of precisely round pegs in round holes.

Visibly, the choice of Senator Samuel Anyanwu as head of the Committee on Ethics and Privileges and Senator Ibrahim Gobir as chairman of the Committee on Senate Services are pointers. They are indeed without the least political sentiments but rather speak volumes about the confidence in the competence and ability of these distinguished personalities.

The young vibrant lawyer and legislator, Babajide Christopher Omoworare known within the ranks of senators as the ‘APC Attacker’ due to his strengths in marshalling his arguments during debates while he and his party, the All Progressives Congress served in opposition in the course of the 7th Assembly, is indeed qualified for this position as his legislative experience spans wide having served as an honourable member and subsequently Majority leader of the Lagos State House of Assembly between 1999 and 2007, head of the African Bureau for Legislative Empowerment and Vice Chairman of the Senate Committee on Federal Character of the 7th Senate under the astute leadership of the late Senator Dawisu Kuta as Chairman.

The new responsibilities of the smart chubby senator is one in which a lot of other senators have to lobby him to include their motions and bills in the Legislative Order Paper and Notice Paper. Personally, I am not surprised at the fact that the committee he leads alongside the Leader of the House, Senate Ali Ndume as Vice Chairman and Senators Uche Ekwunife, Kabir Marafa Garba, Joshua Lidani, Barnabas Gemade, David Umaru, and Clifford Ordia as members have taken on the challenge of the Senate President, Senator Bukola Saraki to move the 8th Senate towards E - Parliament.

Reports are rife within the Red Chambers that the Osun East Senator didn’t lobby for the Committee but only found himself as Rules and Business Committee Chairman based on the Senate Leadership’s belief in him as the one with the capacity and capability to see its lofty agenda through. This comes with an advantage; he comes into the chairmanship position with the ears and commitments of the Senate President as well as a free hand to do the right things which might include stepping on a few toes in order to succeed in the assignment.

The concept of an electronic parliament is billed to open up the senate towards an overall easier approach to the art and science of lawmaking, oversight and representation. It is noteworthy to state that the Committee on Rules and Business hit the ground running; collated the emails of most senators and did a test run of sending them the Order Paper of legislative Business of the Day and subsequently, the Chairman met with the Clerk and staff of the Committee on a familiarization visit to charge them up to prepare for the uphill task ahead while also informing them it would no longer be business as usual.

Nonetheless, it should be noted that this new deal will help the legislators and the Nigerian masses in general know and track progress of motions and bills and to also hold perceptions about the attendance, performance and speeches of their representatives on the floor of the National Assembly. It will also put paid to the rumoured legislative practice of using favours to lobby in exchange for having motions and bills included for legislative debate even if it comes late in preparation and submission to the appropriate quarters as now, senators will indeed need to research, prepare and present their motions and bills within the constitutionally allowed time frame or else it risks being differed till subsequent legislative days.

For many a Nigerian, the expectation from an electronic parliament remains very high. The sanctity of the legislature as the true representative body of the people must be protected and as such increased access must be available. In no long a time, I foresee that voting, attendance and votes and proceeding of the house and all such other parliamentary procedures and/or documents will be digitalized even as the Senate Order Book, LFN, Constitution et al are on a device for easy use and referral.

The Senate is indeed laying a major precedence for the House of Representatives and even State Houses of Assembly to copy and develop their plans for an orderly fashion in undertaking house functions through the use of an open electronic means. One day it will go down in the annals of history that it was during the tenure of Babajide Christopher Omoworare as chairman of the Senate Committee on Rules and Business under the able leadership and astute support of Senate President Abubakar Bukola Saraki that a major feat in the digitization of the National Assembly Rules and Order of Business was achieved.

-‘Demola Adeyeye loves the Legislature. 
He tweets via @AAAdeyeye
House of Reps Speaker, Yakubu Dogara is vexing for some people but he doesn't want to mention the names, to avoid stories that torch. Lol! He said it is time to deal with all the godfathers. See more...

The Department of State Services (DSS) on Monday charged to court for acts capable of undermining national security, the immediate past National Security Adviser, Rtd. Colonel Mohammed Sambo Dasuki.

In a press statement signed by Tony Opuiyo, the department recalled its search of properties belonging to the retired federal official in Abuja and Sokoto last month, adding that it arose from credible intelligence which linked Dasuki to illegal acts.

The department further stated that the searches led to
the recovery of a large cache of arms and ammunition, among other things, and for which further investigation was conducted.

“Consequently, on Monday 24th August, 2015, he was charged to court based on evidence so far obtained, but which relates to possession of fire arms without license punishable under section 27(i)(a)(i) of the Firearms Act Cap F28 LFN 2004,” it said. “This is in line with democratic practice and our avowed commitment to the rule of law, in which nobody is deemed to be above the law no matter how highly placed in the society.”

The department noted that the public will be duly informed as the matter progresses, and recommitted itself to the fundamental role of providing adequate security for all Nigerians to enable them pursue their legitimate aspirations and businesses.
Nollywood Actress Tonto Dikeh took her time to explain the issues relating to her marriage:

God settled me with Oladunni Churchill.
Pure Joy. But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you…1 Peter 5:10.

My finding love again...
Ladies Don’t let no man sap all of your energy and love when he obviously have nothing to offer you asides from good sex. I’ve been there, done that and trust me, I ran away.
Catch flights don’t catch feelings? So tell me, what is your reason for being? The purpose of your 
existence? The same reasons why many of us are here in the first place… I don’t mean to kill the Boss attitudes, but I work with bosses all the time. You have to be able to find a balance. Yes we all have an economic reality, But No, money can’t love you. Be happy at every opportunity, never repress your love for the sake of trying to make enough money.” 

What is enough? Can you feed your self? Do you have a bed to sleep in at night? Yet you want a bigger bed, forgetting that you could be looking for someone to share it with. Dont miss out on a family just for money…

Don’t turn into a bitter and cynical person because you were in love once and it didn’t work out… Yes, you invest emotional energy into your partner, but you will always have more energy…. You have a lot of Love to Give. Energy can’t be destroyed so you can’t say it was wasted. Your partner cheated on you… Doesn’t mean all humans are cheats. My ex was a cheat, a prolific internet whore and a fake but that didn’t stop me from loving even harder the next time… You have to be in it to win it. Building breakable barriers will leave you lonely. Loneliness would leave you Sad. If you don’t allow people to get close to you then yes you might not hurt, but you will never Feel. Feelings are just visitors, let them come and go. So catch feelings and flights, but don’t forget love, because that is what all humans need. Don’t let modern trends change your mindset in Cynical waysLiving a life without love, is not living at all.

 Most annoying is when the woman have to be bread winner and still receive nothing but the manhood.

A good dick never built a house or paid the rent; a hardworking, dedicated, supportive man does.
Sources say she has no skill and not ready to work but just use what she has to make cash. Another pic...

She knows that there are some guys who are interested in stuffs like this and she is ready for them. Lol!
The respected former Lagos State governor, Babatunde Fashola, has been in the news for the wrong reasons in recent times over allegations of over-priced contracts. But many are already looking deep into the issues and alleging that his godfather, Bola Tinubu, is not happy with him, hence the troubles.

To this end, controversial former minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, has advised Fashola to do the needful:
“Things are getting messier by the day. My advice to Tunde Fashola is to go and make peace with his benefactor, Bola Tinubu, before it is too late.”
In the past one month, Governor Nyesom Wike has been to many churches seeking prayers for himself. Our former president Goodluck Jonathan did this many times, it did not stop him from being defeated. People should just focus on being good and living right as God is not man and cannot be deceived!
South Africa is fast becoming a country where Pastors do all sort in the name of miracles. This pastor was said to have prayed 'snake spirit' into some ladies in his church. According to his church's post, a lady named Naomi manifested the spirit. Here is how the church reported it:
"During the service the man of God Prophet Penuel commanded the Spirit of Snake to enter one of the Congregants, Sister Naomi from Soshanguve. She began to manifest as the Snake and the man of God commanded the Spirit of Snake to come out. The Woman was set Free. We have the Power to control every Kingdoms without being possessed, for we are raised above all (Colossians 3) To God be the Glory."

Snake spirit coming in and going out... itssokay!
If your hands are not clean, try to avoid throwing stones, lol! The National Judicial Council has issued a query over allegation of amorous scandal against a judge in the Osun State judiciary, Justice Olamide Oloyede, who initiated a petition calling for the removal of the state Governor, Rauf Aregbesola.

The NJC issued the query dated July 28, 2015, against Justice Oloyede upon a petition by a mother of four, Mrs. Emily Richard-Obire, who accused the judge of cohabiting with Richard-Obire, her husband.

The female judge, Oloyede, came to prominence recently after she submitted a petition to the Osun State House of Assembly calling for the removal of Aregbesola on the grounds of his alleged financial misappropriation.

But Richard-Obire had stated in her petition dated July 13, 2015 that she only “recently” discovered that the judge had been having an affair to the detriment of her (Richard-Obire’s) matrimonial home since 2011.

The Chief Justice of Nigeria and Chairman of the NJC, Justice Mahmud Mohammed, who personally signed the query, directed Justice Oloyede to respond to the query within 14 days of receiving it.

The query was issued to the judge through the Osun State Chief Judge, Justice O.A Ojo.

It was entitled, ‘Re: Petition against Justice Olamide Oloyede of the Osun State Judiciary’ and reads thus, “I forward herewith a petition dated July 13, 2015 against you by one Mrs. Emily Richard-Obire on the above subject matter. The petition speaks for itself.

“I shall be glad to have your comments within 14 days from the date of your receipt of this letter.”

Wahala! The wife had written to to the NJC, saying:
“I am afraid that if something urgent is not done, Justice Oloyede may finally snatch my husband and he may eventually and finally abdicate his responsibilities. I have evidence to the effect that she has been addressing my husband as her “husband” and also my husband addresses her as “my beautiful wife” knowing full well that there is subsistence of marriage between us.

“I urge you to use your good offices to restrain Justice Olamide Oloyede from further acts of having an affair with my husband.”
Things are really happening...I no fit laff o!
In my desire to make society better, I will take this from a positive angle. If a woman can't train her daughter well, even if she gets married to the richest man in the world, her true character will be exposed soon and with time the man will send her back to her parents as a rejected or divorced wife.

These days women are depending too much on spiritual manipulation to control a man's heart than show him some respect and true love. Dear ladies, there is no substitute for true love. Just get it right!

Some ladies complain that their man is not spending enough on them, but here you have a rich man who spends lavishly on you; expensive trips, hotels, designer clothes, yet you can't love him for real?

I just dey laff how some ladies are using their hands to destroy themselves. Details below:
According to a very reliable source, Dabota Lawson’s marriage has sadly hit the rocks just 8 months after getting married to billionaire, Sunny Aku. The source said Dabota was accused of infidelity by her husband after his people caught her at a hotel in Lagos with someone else, with her Range Rover plate number smartly covered... indeed the roof is on fire. 
The source added that Chief Aku has vowed not to take her back as he can't be sharing his wife with guys who are not even as rich as he is. It is known that Dabota has been an envy of many ladies, especially those who like to marry rich men.
I hope this is not true and that she still enjoy her husband's confidence.

The thing is whoever is the guy a lady is cheating with, he wont even trust her or take her serious. If a guy knows that you are engaged or married and yet you are opening your legs for him, he can never trust you. He will just be enjoying your body for as long as the fun will last. Even if you visit a spiritualist to tie his heart to marry you by force, it is only a matter of time, that your juju will fail.

Ladies, learn to live right and enjoy a beautiful life that will let you be at peace with God. Deceit, lies and charms are not the best way to have a good life. Such stupid actions always end in disaster.

Here's a brand new music content from the stables of HKN Music, In-house DJ Stupor features NEA nominee and buzzing afropop singer - Danagog on this street hop tune titled SURUTU

SURUTU was produced by the raved EOD 

If You Love Street-Hop, Then This Is A Must Listen! #HKN #GOG #SURUTU
VIDEO: Reekado Banks – Corner

Mavin records is at it again. Check on this.
Mavin Records Reekado Banks releases the video to his number titled “Corner” which was produced by Baby Fresh.
The Mex directed flick is quite catchy and colourful.

Bose Johnson returns with an awesome cover of Bob Marley's 'Babylon system' which was produced by Mystro. 

Bose Johnson went on a huge break from music and has been away for so long shuffling Europe and Nigeria, way back 2012 she made a debut with her afro pop single titled 'Intoxicated' which gained airplay for quite sometime as it was said to be an awesome pop single with a good feel factor, something which even Djs in Europe were interested in.

After the long break Bose Johnson decides to releases a new single. She is set to make a huge come back with more music and videos but releases this as just a teaser
Babylon System - Bump on it.

Vic O - She Carry mp3 download

Vic O is back again with a new single titled ‘She Carry’. Lol This dude just wont stop even as i post this i am laughing hard.
Words have it that hes shooting the visuals to his Drake And Meek Mill Diss track.
While we await the visuals for the Drake and Meek Mill Diss song by the King Of Rap Vic O, he premieres his new single titled She Carry featuring his newly signed artist/label mate Baba Segz. The song was produced by the talented R Jay. From the buzz and comments made when Vic O posted the snippet on Instagram, you could feel it’s destined to be a hit! Enjoy!

Video: Skiibii – Sampu

Five Star Music presents the visual for the smashing tune ‘Sampu’ directed by Adasa SquareBall

Monday, August 24, 2015

“The coolest DJ on the planet, Cool DJ Jimmy Jatt, is back again with another cool video and he titles it “Da Yan Mo”. He features YBNL superstars: Olamide, Lil Kesh & Viktoh.
The video depicts their various relations with females and also the fact that they are willing to”give more” to the ladies if only they will “Da Yan Mo”.
When you mix a DJ with hiphop stars in a collaboration, i bet you will have a recipe for “dopeness”, just as you have it in this video. Enjoy.
Directed by OMG”
Fowler: Perfect Man for the Perfect Job by Gbenga Olorunpomi
The steady and exponential growth of the internally-generated revenue of Lagos state since the return of democracy in 1999 is proof that courage will always triumph over adversary and order can conquer daunting chaos. This is provided there are men of proper competence, undeniable will and indefectible optimism focused on achieving one goal. If these people are led from the front by someone of deep vision and industry, there is hardly anything such a team cannot achieve.

The story of Lagos state becoming the only economically viable state in the nation despite its small land mass and absence of natural resources has many diverse versions. However, the common denominator in various debates remain the players that actualised and have sustained the dream. They are the Visioneer Supremo himself and National Leader of the APC, Former Governor Asiwaju Bola Tinubu; the Legal Genius, Former Attorney General of Lagos State, Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo; and the Actualiser, Babatunde Fowler.

The first two have gone on to leave their mark on the nation, using their gifts to positively impact the polity; the last man recently got the golden call to head the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).

Analysts believe the leap in tax collections from about N15 billion in 1999 to well over half a trillion in 2014 stood on a tripod of factors: a) The strategic catalyst and vicarious desire of Bola Tinubu to see Lagos become the Centre of Excellence and independent of federal government funding; 2) The legal framework constructed by Prof. Osinbajo to give the dream a foundation to stand on; and Fowler’s incredible engine, dexterity and professionalism to bring it all to life.

From the moment he was appointed the pioneer Permanent Secretary/Executive Chairman of the Lagos State Board of Internal Revenue on the 24th of November 2005, Fowler immediately took on the massive responsibility of deploying all legal means at his disposal to collect revenue on behalf of the Lagos State Government. The January 2006 passage of the Lagos State Revenue Administration Law gave the Board of Internal Revenue its autonomy and Fowler was appointed the ‘Czar of Revenue Collection’, combining the roles of Chief Executive Officer of the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service and Executive Chairman of the Lagos State Board of Internal Revenue.

Backed by law and provided with adequate funds to set the ball rolling, Fowler took the challenge of increasing the internally-generated revenue of the state head on. The multiple of problems he had to overcome included a system that was highly suspect; one that people had no confidence government would put the revenue paid to proper use. Nigerians had been dealt a bad hand by its leaders, who plundered our oil wealth and made a mockery of the laws that should protect our commonwealth. How was Fowler going to convince the legendarily headstrong Lagosians to willingly part with their hard-earned money for tax? How was he going to get the backing of the people to achieve more revenue for the state? How was he going to ensure the process was transparent and bankable?

The new FIRS boss adopted measures that made sure the low-hanging fruits were quickly achieved by fully implementing the use of e-TCC (electronic tax clearance certificate), which immediately helped to block leakages. He then went on to earn the trust of the public and got Lagosians to back the drive to increase the money in the state’s purse. This he achieved by making the job of revenue collection fashionable. The young men and women that work the tax services end of the agency are trained to be professional at all times. Due attention was paid to maximise the use of Information Technology and other modern methods of tax administration.

On the average, Lagos now generates almost thrice of what it gets in federal allocations. In an interview he granted sometime last year, Fowler had this to say, “In 1999, the internally generated revenue averaged about N600 million per month. The budget size was about N17billion per annum. Last year, it was N500bn and this is because the IGR has increased to the point that we can get loans from the World Bank and other agencies, which see that we are able to pay.”

Clearly, the tested and trusted model that has worked so well for Lagos state is what Fowler would have to deploy for the country. He would have to work assiduously to gain the trust of a disillusioned public and patiently educate Nigerians on the national pride and sense of belonging that comes with contributing to the progress of a nation by paying taxes. He must convince the government on the need to invest massively in re-orientation while pushing for tax reforms that will help the nation grow revenue and be less dependent on oil.

When asked what motivates him, Fowler once said, “My motivation is the transformation of Lagos. Every day that I drive through Lagos, I feel glad seeing the changes in the state and the joy that this development brings to our people. We need to commend the tax payers because they could make our job considerably more difficult. If we look back and compare we were and where we now are, we can see an enormous difference.”

President Muhammadu Buhari must be proud of this particular appointment. He could not have picked a better person for the job. Fowler has been an advocate for a better national tax administration for many years. He has embraced the riches of technology and knows the ways to use the benefits for the greater good. Plus, he has the right experience to carry on from where Samuel Odugbesan - the man he is replacing - stopped.

Nigerians must congratulate the President for getting his man. There is so much merit in this one. If 60 per cent of the President’s appointments are as competent and fit-for-purpose as Fowler, most Nigerians would love the President for taking his time to pick his team.
Believe her or not, delectable actress, Moyo Lawal, told Saturday Beats that she has not had sex in a while and she is too busy to entertain such thoughts.

She said, “I am not dating anybody but I would start dating soon. I haven’t had s*x in a while. I work too hard to think of s*x. I am always on set and even during my free time, I always have an event to attend. I honestly don’t even have the time to think that I am single. The only time I remember that I am single is when my father asks me about my private life and family members ask me when the wedding bells would ring."

She told Punch that she is always amazed when people say she is sexy as she does not feel like she's cute.

“In all honesty, I don’t think I am sexy. I make sure I am myself at all times and I don’t know why people think I’m sexy. I don’t think I am pretty and I’m not tall, I’m just myself,” she stressed.
Politics de facto, is a game of wit which qualifies some of its triumphant players into crackerjack while those at the losing ends remain amateur in the eyes of the public. I ordinarily would not have revisited some of the political twists that were at the front burner before and after June 9 National Assembly Inauguration which nearly shattered the change which our angelic party represents, since majority of the aggrieved lawmakers are now in a smooth rapport with the Senate President and Chairman of the 8th National Assembly.
As a patriotic Nigerian, it is high time one told ill informed that a nation filled with perpetual politicking or games of wit will either be in moribund or decline in Progress. So that forms the basis for my short tutorial for the wailers wailing over a black-eyeing news on Punch and other anti-Saraki platforms claiming Saraki is begging some of his antagonists. 
Peace reigning is apparently, one of the reasons why the fearless and independent Senate President, Sen. Saraki sounded a reconciliatory melody to former Governor of Lagos state and a national leader of APC, Sen. Bola Tinubu popularly called, who was the strongest antagonist to Saraki's senate presidential ambition.

To put the record straight, Saraki has always been an overpass architect as far as our Nigeria politics is concerned. Senator Bukola Saraki's pedigree and antecedents on this harmonious step, speak volumes for him. Verily, his move towards Jagaban in this milieu, couldn't have been as an antic of cowardice but somewhat should be viewed from the angle of his being a decent, civilised and nationalistic person who has the love of the Nation at heart and is ready to do everything possible at all times, to move Nigeria forward. He is has demonstrated that he is a true Nationalist who after being a victor in his ambition, is lower himself for the powers that be so that Nigeria can work as expected by Nigerians. 
Begging as they referred to it as, amused me when i saw it flying media this morning. The questions i asked myself were, is Tinubu a Senator? Haven't Unity Forum Senators that supported Lawan been lobbying and accepting Committees and leadership positions? Will Tinubu ask his nominees for ministerial appointments and others like the newly appointed acting FIRS boss, Fowler, not to be screened and bow before Saraki as constitution provided? May be until the answers to those questions tuned 'YES', the word 'Begging' can then be aptly used.

Despite severe distractions orchestrated by external and influential politicians from APC since his in-house NASS poll triumph, he has demonstrated several rare qualities by the way and manner he was able to run the Senate, such that within a short period of his assumption of the leadership of the Senate, he was able to get hold of over two third of majority votes of the Senators in the vote of confidence passed by the 81 Members. In fact, it was that vote of confidence that vindicated Saraki as his proclaimed 35 APC supporting Senators later surfaced out of the 81 remaining 46 PDP Senators. 
So, the anti-Saraki advocates who make the ground seems hot for him to the outside world should know that they are holding the wrong end of the stick. Meanwhile, the Senate is fully at work and some giant and monumental achievements like electricity fixed charge regulation, NorthEast mayhem's oversight function and federal government agencies' regulations among others are made already, in spite of President Buhari's hold-up of Cabinets and Executive setting till perhaps later this year. To some of the chief ignorant Nigerians who spite gibberish on NASS's recesses, they should now learn easily that apart from lawmaking, Legislators also check executive not civil servants headed by permanent secretaries, as we have now.

Nonetheless, it is hoped that with the hands of brotherhood Saraki is extending to Tinubu, he should rather take it as a courageous act from a humble and descent man who would like to make peace with him, despite all the precedent calumnious campaigns and instigated oppositions from different digs against him by Asiwaju Tinubu, his paid dogs and others paid by Saraki's perceived opponents to blackmail him. It will be of Nigeria's interest for Tinubu to accept the Senate President's overtures and agree to support and cooperate with him henceforth, in his zeal to lead National Assembly, in partnership with President Muhammad Buhari and the APC to move Nigeria forward towards copious prosperity. 
If this harmonious move by Saraki is not curtailed by Tinubu and Co and Nigeria is free of politicking for dominance of all times, perhaps we have an excellently working Nigeria under president Buhari and Saraki.
By @BashirAkanbi

The most anticipated single of the decade has finally dropped!!!

Touchdown (Arizona) a classic club Banger from the Talented and gifted singer X2P BHADEJI featuring VECTOR tha VIPER Nigerians Rap finest.
The song is a hypnotic mid tempo Afro vibe that catches the attention of the listener instantly with the soft sensual vocals as delivered by X2P.


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Inline image 1
Once again is on DLS, aka Street Bishop, a renowned Motivational Gospel rap Artist, a positive voice in the street with the aim to sensitize our generation with his imperative lyrics.
This time with a brand new single titled "Am Not Gonna Die", it is what it is, as the title implies indeed, "this is healing through rap it will energies everyone at the sound of this song with a better mind set towards life and destiny."

All it takes is believing it in your heart and declaring with your tongue that…Am Not Gonna Die.

Nigeria gets a new dimension of mix tape as Secretbills Media & Entertainment (SME) brings together top Nigeria DJs (DJ Baddo x Sexy DJ Babylynn x DJ Real x DJ Latitude) to present the biggest coalition mixtape (QuadMix Volume 1) #OfficialQuadMixV1 with over 60-hit tracks.
Download, Share & Enjoy!!!


1, oritsefemi – awoooo ewaaa
2, kiss daniel – layee
3, tekno – duro
4, olamide – bobo
5, wizkid – expensive chit
5, wizkid – expensive chit
6, djbaddo ft olumix – samba dance
7, skales – lole
8, Wolex G ft. small doctor – Jo Lo
9, timaya – some more
10, olalakeside – street song
11, Swagg Diva ft. Xcell – Kpomo
12, olumix – gbagbe oshi
13, jaywon – fire for fire
29) Olamide-Lagos Boys
30) Skales ft Olamide-Ijo Ayo
31) Pepenazi ft Oamide-illega
32) Dj Real Ft Small Doctor, Oritse Femi,Sabi-Mi o Worry
33) Lil Kesh-Gbese
34) Jhybo-Lomo
35) Lil Kesh-Efejoku
36) Cdq-Salaro
37) Dre San-Highness
38) Qdot-Ibeere
39) Angel Tee-Mo Tide
40) Skales-Jekanmo
41) Super-Your Body
42) Dj Real Outro
43) Godwin – korede bello
44) ladi – olamide ft phyno nd lil kesh
45) wole – dj xclusive ft davido
46) corner – reekado banks
47) panya – bracket ft tekno
48) mental case- dj chenko
49) 10k -sarkodie
50) cant pull me down – djbaddo ft terry g
51) taking over me- yemi alade ft phyno
52) bbhmm- tiwa savage ft rihana nd reekado bank
53) jekamo – triddle d ft ruff coin
54) shuperu remix – orezi ft davido
55) say dem say – presh ft davidodavido
56) shake body – skales
57) Reggae blues – harrysong ft olamide,kcee,iyanya, & orezi

Some loyalists of Senate President Bukola Saraki are beating a retreat in the lingering cold war with the All Progressives Congress (APC) hierarchy over the leadership crisis in the Red Chambers.

They have already reached out to President Muhammadu Buhari for the purpose of reconciling with him and, by extension, the party leadership.

However, the Saraki loyalists were said to have left the first meeting with Buhari “uncomfortable” on account of his body language.

Saraki and his loyalists had defied the party by rejecting its candidates for principal positions in the Senate.

They shunned the June 9 meeting convened by the APC to resolve the matter and teamed up with the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to elect their own candidates including Saraki as Senate President and PDP’s Ike Ekweremadu as his deputy.

It was gathered that House of Reps Speaker Yakubu Dogara’s compliance with the APC’s directive on the choice of principal officers in the House was largely responsible for the change of heart by Saraki and his supporters having being put under pressure as a arrogant fellow by Dogara’s move.

It was gathered that the Saraki’s loyalists and strategists meeting took place at the Presidential Villa a few days ago. It was shielded from reporters for what a source described as “avoiding media backlash on the fresh peace process.”

The “peace team”, according to sources, was led by Senate Leader Ali Ndume.

Those present were Senators Adamu Aliero, Danjuma Goje, Kabiru Gaya and Abdullahi Adamu.

Two of the Senators admitted last night that they were at the meeting.

According to SR, the Senators were disturbed that all is not well between the Senate and the Presidency.

So far, President Buhari is said to have refused to meet and discuss policy issues with Saraki, causing more anxiety for loyalists of the Senate President.
This his Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita super car is worth almost N1billion ($4.8m). Too much money...!
You have expressed your concerns about Buhari’s anti-corruption campaign. In specific terms, what are your grievances?
President Buhari has not told anyone how his anti-corruption war will be fought. The Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission are Obasanjo’s vehicles. The last vehicle Gen. Buhari used was the Military Tribunals, whose consequences we know. For now, the President has said he will fight corruption but the strategies are not clear yet. So, I do not know how and why people have already started speaking of (an) anti-corruption campaign.

Personally, I have not expressed concerns beyond the fact that due process is important and must define how we go. I am still convinced that we do not need to hear so much lamentation because the case has already been made.
It is quite sad that the media has deliberately continued to distort this issue of probe. I do not know where the media got and started spreading this baseless rumour about our committee, for example, pleading on behalf of former President Jonathan not to be probed. Since he left government, I have neither spoken with nor seen ex-President Jonathan until we met him on Tuesday (penultimate week). In our discussion with him, he stated clearly that he was not against any probe but he was pained by what seemed to be like acts of victimisation and persecution. Jonathan is a former President and if he needs shelter, his brother former presidents are there and alive. And they are in a better position to protect the office of a former president with the architecture of respect and integrity. We must be careful not to play into the hands of those dictators who, for fear of persecution and humiliation, have decided to cling on to power at all cost and at the risk of destroying their people.

Should President Buhari just forget about the stolen monies kept in places and move on?
How can he or anyone forget? But first, where are the places where the monies are? Identifying the location is the first step. The problem is, these monies are stolen and they are not necessarily lost. The challenge is to find those who will help us find them. But finding them is just the beginning of the problem. The real problem is getting the loot back because it — the loot — is sustaining banks, corporations, businesses, industries and careers abroad or in the safe havens and these people (countries) will fight back with everything. You think these banks will just wire this loots to you just like that? They have more lawyers, better lawyers than our entire country. It is almost 20 years now and we still have not seen the Abacha loot. All we hear are stories, since (former President Olusegun) Obasanjo’s time. I am just pointing out difficulties and not discouraging anyone; but there are choices to make. The President has only four years; he has to decide on how he will conserve his energies and which battles to fight, when and how. Our people love drama, but theatre has only a passing use for us now. He does not have a Supreme Military Council of Generals to throw people into jail. He has a National Assembly to deal with and there are still lingering problems with that august body. The President needs help in clearing the debris and banana peels ahead.

Should monies only be recovered and the looters be left unpunished?
I was with the Oputa Panel and I have also studied some part of the justice system as it concerns issues of human rights, reconciliation and justice. We can put all the people we want in jails but what will that do? We can even kill them, but then, what next? The African mind is not so much tuned to punitive justice but we tend to focus more on integrative and restorative justice. The theft has denied us development. So, Buhari can and should learn from ex-President Obasanjo who got back so much of the loots after he came in without any noise. I recall him saying that even pastors helped to bring back loots from repentant parishioners. I believe the President, using the intelligence resources available, should consider surprise as the most vital tool in this fight. My worry has not been about not probing as some of my critics falsely think. I have been saying ‘think, plan and execute.’ If you make so much noise, vital evidence, data and files will be destroyed by collaborators in the civil service or the relevant offices. The President has not named his team in this battle yet and he needs to court whistleblowers and wean them from the looters who may still have control over them. We must all know that loyalties have not changed yet.
- This is an abridged version of a chat Father Mathew Kukah had with Punch recently.








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