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The massacre is going on, military officers are being arrested for running from battle, soldiers in their numbers are deserting, Nigerians in the North East are largely at the mercy of terrorists. *Sad*

Looks like Amber Rose had a lot of fun moments in Lagos last night as she was spotted dancing the popular Shoki dance at the D’banj 10 year anniversary event. Watch video below…

YBNL boss, Olamide and his boo, Adebukunmi Aisha Suleiman, have welcomed his first son. The new baby was born to the rapper on Friday, January 30, 2015 at St Ives Hospital in Ikeja, Lagos.
We gathered that the rapper had told a few friends and family members at the beginning of the year that he will hold a low key wedding in the second quarter of the year.
The low key wedding event is a follow up to the secret introduction ceremony which the ‘Story for the gods’ star held in December 2014. Olamide has since named his new son Batifeori Maximilliano Adedeji. He joins the growing list of baby daddies in the industry, a set that include the likes of Wizkid, Timaya, Ice Prince and others….

In this interview with PREMIUM TIMES’ Michael Abimboye, popular entertainment journalist, social critic and former presidential candidate, Dele Momodu, speaks on the coming presidential election, the Goodluck Jonathan Presidency, Olusegun Obasanjo and other sundry issues. Excerpts:

You are one of the critics of the Jonathan administration, what do you think it could have done better?
For a man with that kind of background similar to mine, he should have been president of the people. Jonathan became an elitist president and the moment you are elitist in nature, outlook in attitude, you are bound to fail. Nigeria requires a selfless leader and reduces personal comfort for overall comfort of the people. The moment you gallivant all over the world, drive special jets, go to Jerusalem with entourage of people and people are lying to you that you are the best thing that ever happened to Nigeria, what nonsense.

The mistake he made was that he did not come as a leader who was ready to serve his people. You look at their budget in a year they are budgeting billions for food in Aso rock. If the president is ready to downgrade his personal lifestyle, you will see that people will follow him.

The key element of leadership is trust. If you are coming to Lagos, you lock down everywhere; you cannot be a man of the people, you cannot see anything and that is why the Benin-Ore road they are making noise about is still useless. They have repaired some parts of it but did not do it all the way to Sagamu. Jonathan does not see all these because when he moves, they shield him...

Look at the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, the most important road linking the heartbeat of Nigeria to the rest of Nigeria. The PDP has not been able to complete it in the last 16 years. There is headway in the railway, looking at Sijuade and the rest, but the government must be more serious than ambitious. If you just want to do one rail from Lagos to Kano then make it the best quality. When are we going to start doing quality projects?

Look at the international airport, the first point of contact with foreigners. I will expect the renovations that they are shouting about... I do not know how much it cost but the airport is one of the worst in the world today and that is why I took some pictures to show the world.

If I were in his shoes I would have merged all the universities so that it will reduce the overhead cost. In those days, University of Ife started from University of Ibadan. The Adeyemi College of Education was in Ondo but under University of Ife. If that is done we will have a single vice chancellor manage them well and standardize them.

I was made to know education is the bedrock of any great nation. Any nation where you do not make education as priority, you are going to have glorified illiterate. If we switch to economy, to create jobs is not difficult. It is for you to reduce cost of running government. If you reduce cost of running government you will be able to use money for the health of the nation. He should approach the National Assembly and tell them he is reducing the cost of running the government by 25 per cent or 50 per cent. If the National Assembly sees that he has reduced the cost by 25 per cent and plead with them to reduce the cost and they say no, then we will now take them to the court of the public. But when they see you are living lavishly, you cannot tell others not to do so.

The cost of running the Federal Government is outrageous. Imagine Nigeria wanting to go and borrow $1billion to fight Boko Haram. If corruption is reduced you will see that Nigeria will be top all around the world because we are the most brilliant people in the world. If it is seen that we have a good president, people will come back home to be among the best in the world. I interacted with them – our military as far back as 2001 in Sierra Leone, later in Liberia. 
As a matter of fact, Nigerian military was controlling 10 out of 15 states in Liberia. They were well equipped, motivated, well protected. Until that is done we are going to continue having the security situation. Our secret service has been politicized. I have never seen where FBI, CIA……..They should be well equipped so that they can carry out their job of spying, which is one of the important jobs in a country. That is why in France when the enemy strikes before 24 hours, they are tracked. Our men can do it but everything in this country has been politicized. We now have to choose based on ethnicity. Nigeria has brilliant people who can lead this country.

A lot has been said about governance, what actually do you think is Nigeria’s problem?
Our problems are multifaceted. They are not problems we have not seen elsewhere. They can be solved by one man. People think it can be solved by all of us. I disagree with them and that is why I ran for the presidential race. The day we get the right president with the right mindset, a lot of things will go away because everybody is looking at the man at the top. If you see that the man at the top is not corrupt, even if you are corrupt, you will be more careful. People will say they are many corrupt people in APC, but I can tell you because I have good relationship with top characters in APC that they have maximum respect for Buhari. That is why I will call Buhari the Mandela of the nation. Once there is respect, we will not want to tarnish his image.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has been criticizing President Jonathan. Don’t you feel he is one of the people that created the problem in Nigeria?
He has been a critic of the government but if he makes a mistake, it is good for you to admit. I believe what Obasanjo is doing now is a way for atoning for his sins. He must be feeling bad and guilty that this problem is on Nigerians. So whether he is doing it for selfish reasons, the reason is best known to him. We must listen to him. He (Obasanjo) is one of the best we have in Nigeria, against all odds. He was able to fight for Nigeria, hold Nigeria together, went to prison, came out, and became president though he is not perfect. By now, I am sure he will be regretting some of these things that happened under his administration. He has his followers too and he is respected, internationally.

Why did you decide to support Mr. Buhari for presidency in the coming elections?
Well, the mood of the nation favours a change in our state of affairs. The average Nigerian, except maybe those who are profiting from the government, believes that government has not performed. So I have looked at the political situation, based on my vast experience working with late Chief M.K.O Abiola, working with Chief Olu Falae, and working for myself and I can see that the only way to dislodge the PDP is if we all join forces. I’m not a member of the APC, I’m a member of the National Conscience Party and I never thought a day would come when I won’t support my own presidential candidate. But the reality on ground is that we have to face the reality.

I now know what it takes to win a presidential election. I went through it. All the idealism that I had has evaporated. I was one of those who felt that Nigeria was ready for change in 2011. They would look at the track records, merits and they could see that I was one of the best candidates that was available in the country but the truth is that it takes much more than your personal character, achievement, popularity to win a presidential election and that is why I’m humble enough to say enough of contesting and let me find one of the candidates who has the ideals that I had in 2011. Unfortunately, I can’t find any other person than Buhari. It does not mean Buhari is a saint; it does not mean Buhari does not have his own faults because he’s human being and we are all mortals. But if I have to choose between Buhari and Jonathan, I will go for Buhari.

So you are sure of Mr. Buhari winning the election?
Oh, I have no doubt that General Buhari is set to create an upset in Nigeria’s political configuration.

Despite the violence-free peace pact signed in Abuja by President Jonathan, Buhari and others, there are still cases of electoral violence. Do you see a violence-free election in February?
Oh, we can. What usually happens is that once a particular candidate is overwhelmingly popular and the mood of change permeates the entire society, it becomes difficult for people to fight because it becomes oblivious that one candidate was more popular than the other. That’s what happened in 1993. Nobody fought when Chief Abiola won. People expected that there was going to be violence, but there was no violence because it was clear that Abiola was way ahead of Tofa. How will you fight when your own people are supporting your opponent?

If Buhari wins this election, it is not going to be a close election because he is going to win by a wide margin. Jonathan’s supporters who think they can fight now, by that time, it would have dawn on them that even in their own village, Buhari has supporters and in situations like that who are you going to fight?

There have been attacks on candidates as the elections get closer. What do you make of the advertorial by Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose on Buhari?
I will describe the advert as very satanic, extremely satanic. It is probably worse than the cartoon that caused problem in France and this is where you know that Nigerians are not really violent. In other places, that would have caused violence. What he did was to provoke anger in the people against the PDP and against Jonathan. If I were Jonathan, I will distant myself from Fayose immediately because that advert was totally reckless and irresponsible. I will appeal to us to tread carefully. Who knows tomorrow? Nobody has the power to life and death. Old age doesn’t mean you will die before a young man. I think he carried it too far. I’m sure by now he is regretting it but might not admit it. If I were him, I will run another advert on the same pages and apologize. If he (Fayose) carries on with this recalcitrant approach to life, he would not like it in future. We must all guide what we say and do because we need peace in Nigeria.

There are reports that elections might not hold in some areas within the troubled north-east region. If elections do not hold eventually in those areas, do you think this will affect the outcome of the election?
I do not know what will happen. The elections are still over 20 days away. I don’t know what INEC’s decision is going to be. I’m sure the candidates will agree before a decision is reached. If the candidates agree to exclude those affected areas, so be it. The governors in those states are insisting that election can be held. Maybe what they have to consider is to do special election for the affected areas so they can concentrate more security. If it is just a one day affair, whatever it will take for those people to exercise their voting right must be done.

The Federal Government announced reduction in price of petrol, what can you make of this?
My reaction when I heard this was that it was a little too small and a little too late. I wrote in my column in ThisDay that what has been done in Nigeria is wrong and that it is different from what is done in other countries. You use to tell us that you were paying subsidies. If the price has fallen, so what subsidies are you paying? Removing N10 naira is an act of ‘tokenism’ and I’m sure it is because of election, which is sad. It is something you should have done under normal situation. You (Jonathan) went to Borno also. It is something you should have done on a normal basis. If sufficient interest has been shown, even the military would have driven into action but his body language is ‘I don’t care.’
About 12 hours later, police deputies announced they had arrested Warner after he led them to her body inside a parked pickup truck.

That’s why I don’t understand this. He loved his little girl, adored her, and I don’t believe what I’m hearing. It’s just rumours. I just don’t want this viciousness to continue. Just people back off let the courts do what they’re supposed to do and not the public opinion,” his mother Victoria Law-Thomson said. Read On.
Matthew Brendan Warner, an America has been charged for Raping his 19-day-old daughter, Ellorah Rose Warner.
In a court hearing on Tuesday, January 27, the 30-year-old was charged with one count each of murder, assault on a child causing death, torture, oral copulation or sexual penetration with a child and aggravated sexual assault of a child. The body of the baby was found in a cab of a pickup truck last Friday, January 23, Warner and his wife reported that their 3-weeks-old daughter, Ellorah Rose Warner, had disappeared from their home in Newhall.
According to the wife, Allison, Warner was on probation for drug charges; he was jobless and she said she knew that Warner was going to be a danger to the baby.
He gave the appearance of adoring that child, it was not genuine,” Allison said.
As the result an autopsy remain hidden, mother of Warner, Victoria Law-Thought thought her son was clean and sober after his drugs problem and revealed that she doesn’t believe yet that he is guilty.
After the sexual assault charges were included, Judge David Walgren increased bail to more than $2 million and set his arraignment for Wednesday, February 18.
Warner faces a maximum penalty of life in state prison if convicted of all charges.
He should be hanged JESUS.
For those of us that attended the event last night, these are the first photos from the moving moment an excited D’Banj walked his guest and host Amber Rose into the venue for his 10th year anniversary kick off party. I’ve been up all night waiting to get the photos so I can serve them to you first. lol. Just like they did when Amber first landed in Lagos, she and D’Banj rocked matching outfits one more time.

Watch this girl dance in her underwear cos of $10
“As part of celebrating D’banj’s 10th year anniversary as an entertainer, here is the trailer of Feeling the Ni##a Remix featuring international super star Akon.
More than likely, the full version of the video should be out in February.”

Reader sent in this disturbing photo of  alleged cultist whose name is said to be Swash…He was a suspected cult member.
According to the person that sent in the picture, he was killed yesterday morning by axe men suspected to be cult members he had problem with at ESBS Junction while selling tickets for bus drivers.
The cult against cult  war started from Awka last week and have now extended to Enugu. Sadly, Enugu’s own is more bloody, they are reportedly Killing student and non student because cultism is not only student joins cults.. Please let us know the situation at Enugu if you reside there. See graphic photos as you continue…Abeg, photo is very disturbing ooh! So if you no get heart, no look!!
10966977_1412248379068774_851935743_n 10965424_1412248372402108_2050374021_n
Yesterday rapper 50 Cent made it CLEAR that he is NO LONGER dealing with video model Tatted Up Holly – and told that world about her THOT WAYS. Immediately afterwards – Holly made up some very OBSCENE LIES about 50 . . . which were designed to slander his character. We’re not going to repeat that ISH cause we know it’s not true . . .and 50 got LAWYERS ON FLEEK!!!
Well 50s fans were VERY UPSET that Holly was outchea trying to LIE on 50, one of the most SUCCESSFUL people in the hip hop world. And s the fans decided to get even, by LEAKING a sextape of Holly – from back in the day, before she met 50. Look at the tattoos . . . it’s definitely HER!!!

So here's what happened. A few days ago, MTO did a post on one of 50 Cent's former girlfriends, named Holly. When the rapper saw the post, he reposted it on his instagram labeling her community Puzzy. When Holly saw what 50cent put on instagram, she got into a nasty fight with him and made some shocking claims. She said 50 Cent physically assaulted. When some followers didn't believe her, Holly then posted messages between herself and 50 Cent where she threatened to release pictures of her battered body. See it after the cut...

Last year rapper 50 Cent was arrested for attacking his baby mama Daphne Joy so this is easy to believe!
Ib-kay (@iam_ibkay) the HEARTDESIRE crooner comes through with his first Two singles in 2015, titled #BALLER where he mentioned the likes of Opa 6,E Money,Baddy Osha and also a banging song #GiveMeBody Listen and Enjoy!!!


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@FuseODG | “Here’s a new video from the one and only Fuse ODG with a banger entitled Ye Play Produced by Maleek Berry.” ENJOY!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

President Goodluck Jonathan has assured youths in the country that he will focus on youth development, if he is re-elected for a second term in office. He said this on Friday in Calabar while addressing supporters of the PDP at a campaign rally ahead of the Feb. 14 Presidential election.

Jonathan assured the people of the state that his government would not disappoint them, if he was re-elected into office for another four years.
“I am going to use my second term in office to create an avenue for wealth creation, so that young graduates can have an alternative to be self-reliant. 
“If Nigerian youths are meaningfully engaged, it will reduce social vices and promote the economic profile of our great nation."

Jonathan urged youths in the state to have a positive outlook towards life, adding that the future of the country was in their hands.

Also speaking, Vice President Namadi Sambo, described President Jonathan as the most qualified for the job, adding that his achievement in office had transformed the country.

Highlighting some of the achievements of the President, Sambo said that the 550 KVA Calabar power plant had been delivered and ready for use.

He also said the nation’s industrial sector has received a boost, adding that this was manifested in the current production of 35 million tonnes of cement annually from two million tonnes previously.
As part of his nationwide campaign tour, the APC presidential nominee Muhammadu Buhari and his running mate Yemi Osinbajo, were in Lagos to reach out to voters before the 14th February election date.

The delegation’s first stop was at the palace of the Oba of Lagos State, Oba Rilwan Akiolu who received them warmly and referred to the morning downpour as "a rain of calm and blessings" for the APC party.

After the visit, they journeyed to the rally location at Teslim Balogun Stadium, Surulere, enjoying an open air bus ride that conveyed them from Lagos Island. At the rally, the event was led by Senator Abike Dabiri-Erewa and Hon. Dino Melaye, members of the APC campaign council.
The APC national chairman Chief John Oyegun took to the stage to introduce Buhari and Osinbajo to the people. Buhari, amidst shouts of "Sai Buhari", spoke on the essence of the ‘Change’ message: "We have suffered under the regime of the PDP for 16 years,” he told the audience. “On 14 February go out and vote PDP out from the top to the bottom, in the interests of the nation."

He also identified the three fundamental issues facing the country: insecurity, corruption, and the flailing economy, all of which he assured would be tackled squarely under a Buhari/Osinbajo administration.
Addressing the huge gathering at the stadium, Gov Rotimi Amaechi made a case for why PDP should not be re-elected: "Jonathan has been tested once and have failed us in everything. He should not be given a second chance; there is no indication things will get better this time."

Babatunde Fashola, Adams Oshiomole, Rauf Aregbesola, Bola Tinubu also took turns to deliver speeches of encouragement with Oshiomole saying, "We need a government that will put in place a coherent industrial policy that will boost the Nigeria economy, and Buhari can deliver on this."

Part of the activity for the day were performances by fuji legend King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal (KWAM1), and from new-generation artists including Don Jazzy, Tiwa Savage, Korede Bello, Olamide of YBNL, Davido, and Dammy Krane, who all took turns to treat the enthusiastic crowd to their most popular songs, some remixed for the occasion.
Other delegates on board the presidential convoy were:
National leader Bola Tinubu; Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola; Osun State Governor, Rauf Aregbesola; Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomole; Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha; Lagos State gubernatorial nominee, Akinwunmi Ambode, and many more.
The Oba of Lagos, Rilwan Osulale Akiolu, has warned the newly posted Assistant Inspector of Police to the Lagos Zone, Joseph Mbu, to desist from any attempt to intimidate the people of Lagos, as he earlier did while he was serving as Commissioner of Police in Rivers State.

‎Though police redeployment is normal during elections; the Oba warned that "any policeman that comes here to cause trouble will fail. I and my people will give him a matching order."
The traditional ruler who urged people of Lagos to cooperate with security agencies, warned Mbu, saying that "nobody can intimidate us. Let it be clear that Lagos is not Port Harcourt."

The ‎Oba gave the clear warning while receiving the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari's delegation in his palace on Friday. He said police officers shouldn't be partisan, saying "police should do their constitutional role without bias."

As a commissioner of Police in Rivers state, Mbu controversially fell out with Governor Rotimi Amaechi as the governor accused him of running a script by Patience Jonathan to distablise the state.

"I want to sound a word of warning to security agencies. If anybody comes here to come and cause trouble ‎he will fail. Others have tried and failed. Sometimes back, someone (police officer) was posted here and he tried me and Asiwaju (Bola Ahmed Tinubu) and I told him he will fail and he did fail," the monarch stressed.

On the quest of the APC to take over the leadership of Nigeria from Jonathan, the Oba said, "I know the ability of Buhari. He is very passionate about this country and he will deliver."
A group of Army officers involved in operations against insurgents tagged “Operation Zaman Lafiya” have written an open letter detailing a series of problems bedeviling their military operations. In addition, the officers called on President Goodluck Jonathan to investigate massive looting of funds meant for military operations.
They also urged President Barack Obama of the United States and United Nations Secretary General Banki Moon to put pressure on Jonathan to engage in fighting a more focused war on Boko Haram.
The open letter titled: “State of Operations In The North East As Observed By Some Concerned Officers,” stated thus: 
“We the concerned officers participating in the North East Operation Zaman Lafiya do resolve to write this letter for the following reasons: a. to save our country Nigeria; b. to stop the bloodshed of innocent officers, soldiers and civilians in the North East; c. to appeal to the President of the United State[s] of America Mr. Barack Obama, United Nation Secretary General Mr. Banki Moon and other world leaders to as quickly as important intervene and urge President Goodluck Jonathan to do the needful in addressing the issue of insurgency in Nigeria especially in the North East.”

The officers who authored the letter said they were initially reluctant to air their grievances in the open in order not to boost the morale of insurgents, but added that troops fighting Boko Haram, a terrorist Islamist sect that has seized a significant swathe of territory in Nigeria’s northeast zone, have been equipped poorly. In addition, the officers accused Mr. Jonathan of condoning the looting of funds meant for the war against the insurgents. They specifically alleged that “Chief of Training and Operations, Major General J.A.H. Ewansiha” was a major looter of security funds. In addition, the letter stated that it was well known that Mr. Jonathan’s ADC had illicitly acquired stupendous wealth that has enabled him to buy up expensive homes in Nigeria and abroad.

The letter further alleged that top military officials had intimidated an officer who wrote a letter to the president to deny authorship of the document which exposed massive corruption in the anti-terror operations.

Below is the full text of the letter: 
1. We the concerned officers participating in the North East Operation Zaman Lafiya do resolve to write this letter for the following reasons:

a. To save our country Nigeria.

b. To stop the bloodshed of innocent officers, soldiers and civilians in the North East.

c. To appeal to the president of the United State of America Mr. Barrack Obama, United Nation Secretary General Mr. Banki Moon and other world leaders to as quickly as important to intervene and urge President Goodluck Jonathan to do the needful in addressing the issue of insurgency in Nigeria especially in the North East.

2. As members of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it is our responsibility to defend our country Nigeria which we are ever ready to do so as the call arises. But firstly, the civil authority has the first responsibility to equip us effectively to enable us to carry out such task. This is common practice all over the world. As professional officers and soldiers, we did not want to go public with details of our frustrations concerning this operation because doing so will boast the moral[e] of our enemy. But the persistent neglect of our plight made us to do otherwise.

3. It is well known fact that of recent, a commanding officer from this theater of operation wrote a letter to our President intimating him of a few out of numerous problems affecting us in this operation which we believe Mr. President will address. It appears Mr. President has chosen to ignore it because none of his relations are among us. In this 21st century, how can an accused [be] a judge of his own case? That letter clearly exposed the rot within the military authorities concerning this operation. This is because, the Army authority that was accused of poor administration in that letter, set up a kangaroo investigation that harass[ed], intimidate[d], and forced the officer to deny the authorship of the letter.

4. We authoritatively learned that, the Army authority succeeded in forcing the officer to deny the letter through the Provost Marshal (Army) who happen[ed] to be of the same tribe with the officer concern[ed]. For President Goodluck Jonathan to ignore such kind of allegation made us to believe the rumor going round that he has a hand or knowledge in the so-called Boko Haram. We are also aware of how the funds meant for these operations are being looted through the office of the Chief of Training and Operations, Major General J.A.H. Ewansiha. Despite our strong [belief] in democracy, we condemn a democratic government that condones corruption, especially in its military. The President is reported to always turn a blind eye to issues of corruption. For instance, the ADC to Mr.President is presently one of the richest officers in the army. He owns properties in choice places all over the country and even abroad. We are going to make public details of his wealth and assets at the appropriate time.

5. We are appealing to all well meaning Nigerians and leaders of International Community to please speak out with loud voice in [order] to make President Jonathan to constitute an independent high-powered committee to investigate the content of that letter written to him by the commanding officer. Should this request be ignored, the resultant consequence could only be imagined.

6. We stand bold to state that we are speaking the minds of all the officers and soldiers in Operation Zaman Lafiya.

- by Concerned Officers and Soldiers of Operation Zaman Lafiya
Actor Taiwo Hassan, A.K.A Ogogo, tells Punch's Ademola Oloniluaabout his career, marriage, etc.

Do you feel accomplished as an actor?
Yes, I feel fulfilled and I thank Almighty Allah for his mercies and goodness. As far as I am not dead, I am still working to be better at everything I do. So far so good, I give thanks to God.

It is a popular belief that you are a womaniser because women flock around you
I am not a womaniser, I just believe that people surround me because of the love God has for me. It also depends on how you present yourself to people. I believe in self control because if you have s*x with every woman that comes your way, then your life is in danger. If I indulge in such acts, I will not look as radiant as I am at my age. Most likely I might have contracted various diseases. If I were a womaniser, I would have thought I contracted a s*xually transmitted disease during the time I was critically ill.

How did you meet your first wife?
We were in the same theatre group and I admired her a lot. I saw her and I was interested in her. I told her that I would like to marry her and she agreed. I later married another wife but I believe everything in life has to do with destiny. I vowed that I would not have a second wife because I never fancied polygamy but it happened and I believe it was for a reason. It is God’s doing.

When you told her you wanted to marry another wife, how did she react to the news?
She felt bad and I begged her. May God give us a good wife; if I had money I could have bought a hummer jeep to beg my wife but I am not that rich. I made her understand how it happened and that regardless, it would not change anything between us. I begged her to please accept it as our destiny and I appreciate her for her understanding.

But some women will either pack out of the house or make it unbearable for the man. Did such a thing happen to you?Not at all, she did not do any of that. I asked my younger brother and two of my sisters to help me beg her. When they begged her, she said she believed that it is destiny.

What is the atmosphere in your house?
One thing I like about my first wife is that she encourages me to help people, especially my family members. She always makes sure I satisfy them if they need my help. When my mother was alive, she took good care of her. God is the only one that can forgive us our sins and I pray that he forgives me. I also pray my wife forgives me.

Why did you leave your job in the civil service for acting?
I retired. I really love the acting profession and I have been doing it for a long time. I began acting even before I started working for the water corporation. I began acting in 1981 shortly after I got a job at the water corporation as an auto-mechanic. I worked at the water corporation for about 13 years before I decided to face my acting career. That was in 1994. I am sure not many people believe that I trained as a mechanic.

How were you able to combine your civil service job with your acting career?
I always made sure that any production I partook in was on a weekend or during my annual leave.

What was your ambition as a child?
To be honest, all I knew was that I wanted to be someone great in life. I never knew that I would be involved in the entertainment industry while growing. I just admired the glitz and glamour. I think my love for entertainment can be traced to the fact that I come from a family that is deeply rooted in the Yoruba culture and tradition. We are masqueraders and I know how to praise people and chant very well. When I started acting, producers loved giving me the role of a traditional chanter because they knew I could chant ‘ewi’ and ‘oriki’ very well.

Since you began acting in 1981, has there been any time you felt like quitting?
Never. Such thought has never crossed my mind.

So you never had a challenging moment?
Of course, there were challenging moments but they were not enough reason for me to quit. Things are better now because back then, we did not get any financial gain from our profession. The people that enjoyed being actors were those whose parents were rich enough to sponsor their projects. Back then, if you were unable to produce a movie, it was difficult to become a success in the industry because you would always rely on stage plays to survive. When I produced my first movie, some people were shooting theirs for less than N20,000 but because I knew what I wanted, I aimed higher. I knew what it meant to produce a quality movie and I spent over N70,000 on my project. The Wicked Boy was my first movie and I shot it in 1993 in two parts. It was a big success and it sold very well. I produced a movie that I was paid a royalty of over N2m in the 90s. Now pirates have messed everything up for us.

How much were you paid for the first movie you ever featured in?
During that period, we could not charge. We were satisfied that we featured in movies. We were just doing solidarity jobs for ourselves. Gradually, we started charging and the highest we were paid then was N300. We suffered a lot before the industry became what it is today. There was a time a man called me for a job; he wanted me to chant in his movie. When he saw me, he did not believe I was an actor because of the corporate way I dressed. Then I was still a mechanic with the Lagos State Water Corporation but you would not know. When he asked me to name my price, I said N600 for starters but he could not meet up. He said that the lead character was charging about N400. I declined the job. In 1994, the highest paid actor charged about N1,500. I was paid N1,200 in 1991 for Omo Yoruba, that was the very first movie that I was paid big money.

How did you feel when you were paid such a huge amount compared to what your contemporaries were earning?I did not see it as a big deal because I was already working; although it was a huge sum in the 90s. At that time, you could not finish N2 in any restaurant except you were a glutton because naira had value then. From the location that I collected N1,200, I went to Ado-Ekiti where Fadeyi Oloro was shooting his movie and he paid me about N850. Within a week, I could make as much as N2,000. Don’t forget that I was earning salary as a civil servant. So, I lived like a king.

When you fell very ill, it was rumoured that you peddled cocaine and it got burst in your belly
I do not even know what cocaine looks like. Of course, I heard the rumour but an official of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency once told me that no one survives it when cocaine bursts in the belly. It is normal for people to peddle rumours against a popular person. Some people are image makers while others are image breakers. While I was ill, a journalist very close to me published that I had AIDS. When I became healthy, he began to dodge me. When we eventually met, I told everyone present to thank him for me because without his write-up, even though it was false, no one would have known that I was very ill and I could have died.

When you were very sick, did it ever occur to you that you might die?
Of course, it was only natural for one to have such thoughts at that period. I began to have the feeling that I might lose my life after I had sought for help at several places but found none. I spent a lot of money while taking care of myself.

What lessons did you learn from your illness?
I learnt that it is not everybody that truly likes you. We have a lot of entertainers in Lagos but only a handful cared enough to check on me when I was ill.

How were you able to regain your stature because you looked very frail when you were ill?
That is the work of God because I did not use any drug to regain my stature. I had chronic ulcer so I had to be eating well; the only thing I could not do was exercise. I am getting over it because ulcer can only be managed and not totally cured.

How did you venture into music?
It has always been a part of my family heritage. I released an album titled Appreciation in 2009. I did it in America and I found out that it was well accepted, so I came to Nigeria to do the same thing but the marketer ran away with my N2m. After a while, I decided to produce another album and I am grateful to my fans because the feedback has been great. The acceptance of the first album encouraged me to do another album. I did not make money from the first album but I was happy with the feedback that I got.
by Dr. Peregrino Brimah
I had a very verbal phone conversation with Niger Delta militant terror leader, Asari Dokubo today.

In the heated conversation that lasted over 20 minutes, the pro-Jonathan militant was non repentant and aggressively supported his campaign for the continued reign of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

I told him that at a time I had respected him (Dokubo) but now he has lost all my respect; asking how much money would make him support a killer leadership. I asked how insensitive he was witnessing how Jonathan’s corruption had undermined the army and how the president’s failures (not complying with the Paris summit agreement to station 700 troops to defend the border) directly led for instance to the death of over 2500 defenseless Nigerians at Baga.

He mentioned Fulani...

I asked what the poor Kanuri fishermen and farmers of Baga had to do with a so-called Fulani thing.

He responded that the killings were in the north and he had no business or care about that. He further cited wars in other places and the example of Libya and the sack of Moammar Gaddafi.

I told him that in those cases there was not an inebriated and cluelessly corrupt government that caused the preventable wars and asked him why then does he support Jonathan who disgraced Africa being the first African leader to support the NATO destruction of Gaddafi and Libya in effect, while great leaders like Jacob Zuma stood behind Libya.

He said something about having trained in Libya and accused General Buhari, chief opposition candidate of receiving funds for his presidential campaign in 2011 from Gaddafi.

I did not understand his point, because I supported Gaddafi and Libya against the colonialist sponsored invasion and have no grouse with Gaddafi.

I insisted; that why will he support a Jonathan who aided the hegemonists destroy North Africa by sacking Gaddafi, now leading to the proliferation of arms and instability in the entire region.

I went on to ask him how much he had been paid and what this money was worth, that it made him sell his soul for a hopeless candidate.

He continued a tirade against the North, the “Gambari’s” and the Yorubas, saying all were traitors and that why am I interested in the Fulani ruling me.

I told him that this conversation had nothing to do with Buhari; that if he wanted he should not support anyone, or should have brought out a responsible candidate from his family, but how does his conscience feel supporting someone who was killing innocent people across the country.

He responded again accusing Yorubas, the group to which I belong, of being traitors and bragging of all the bombs his terror group had detonated across Yoruba land.

I told him that his desperation for a penny had made him betray the true struggle of the Ijaw people; I pointed out that Bayelsa was the most polluted piece of land on the planet with terrible suffering.

He challenged my stats and asked me what I knew about Bayelsa.

I responded that I lived there for a year and that the sky there is still red with burning of natural gas. I told him how oil spillage has destroyed their ecosystem under Jonathan.

He asked how long Jonathan had been there.

I retorted that 6 years was long enough to effect transformation.

He said I lied and that I had never lived in Bayelsa.

I went ahead to describe Bayelsa to him.

He was very angry and continued to curse Yoruba people as traitors who betrayed in the past and threatened that the Yorubas will feel the wrath of the Ijaw.

I told him he was a coward, that if he was not he would have liberated his father’s house and kept the oil under its soil for himself.

He laughed and responded that we (Nigerians) are their slave; that they will support Jonathan to rule till 2019 after which they will then take “their” oil and go.

He said they were just punishing us for now.

I asked him if Jonathan was supervising the Boko Haram pogrom of the north as some sort of “revenge” for Nigeria’s past errors.

I asked him why Goodluck Jonathan had not restructured the country so he can preside over Otueke and leave other people alone and not continue to finance and supervise our suffering and deaths. Telling him about the failure of the national conference when only the Yorubas in attendance and Northerners like the Lamido of Adamawa had asked for their own sovereignty, but his people had failed to make such push and Jonathan had failed to use the avenue of the conference to bring about change.

He asked me why I was not invited to attend it.

I asked where his conscience was and how he felt about the deaths of thousands of innocent people because of the little change he got from the corrupt Jonathan government.

I told him that the money does not pass the fourth generation and that the little money he gets that has made him betray the Kalabari kingdom and great King Amachree and the people of Ijaw land will be finished before he knows it and shame will remain to his name.

He went on a tirade about some stuff I could not really understand. It had to do with killing and bombings and stuff.

I told him he was a coward.

He was very upset throughout the interview. I really wish he pays attention to his blood pressure.

Interestingly, he has a Chief Security Officer, CSO; his CSO named Commander George believes in Nigeria.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah [Every Nigerian Do Something] 
Email: Twitter: @EveryNigerian
At last, PDP national leadership is beginning to wake from their slumber and seeing the danger is those sad and unfortunate commentaries coming from the ex-militants who now run Billions of Naira contracts for the government of President Goodluck Jonathan.

The national leadership of the party has warned the leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force, NDPVF, Alhaji Mujahid Asari- Dokubo, High Chief Government Ekpemupolo, aka Tompolo and their godfather, Chief Edwin Clark, to be mindful of what they say at this period of the nation’s political history.
PDP said: “We want to stress and state publicly, that whilst we have noted the interest, zeal and enthusiasms of individuals, various groups, support groups and organisations, that are supporting the president with statements, adverts, documentaries and TV programmes; we appeal to them to be guided by the noble ideals and the visions of the founding fathers of our party. 
“We are not in agreement with their statements and we are cautioning them to mind what they say. No individuals own the party. The President could be more loved in Anambra than Ijaw area. He has support in Adamawa State than in Bayelsa State...

The PDP also warned other support groups, organisations, professional bodies and associations rooting for President Goodluck Jonathan to be careful with their utterances to ensure decency in the polity.

This was even as ex- MEND Commanders in the Niger Delta, gave General Theophilus Danjuma seven days ultimatum to apologize over his call for the arrest of Asari Dokubo,Tompolo for threatening that Nigeria would break up if President Jonathan lost the February Presidential election. The ex-militants said that war would follow in Nigeria if Jonathan lost the election. Chief Clark and the ex-militants blasted General Danjuma in their reaction, saying that his remarks were disappo-inting.
At a meeting in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital yesterday, the former militant commanders in the region condemned the call for the arrest of front line freedom fighters in the region, Alhaji Mujahideen Asari Dokubo and Government Ekpemupolo a.k.a Tompolo, saying that the call amounted to a declaration of war against the Niger Delta region.

Former MEND Commander, Victor Ebikabowei Ben, alias General Boyloaf, also asked General Danjuma to apologise and hide his head in shame or face humiliation.

But speaking with newsmen in Abuja, PDP Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh noted that although the party appreciated the support of all Nigerians, it was disturbed over the provocative statements of some people which could provoke other parts of the country, warning that Jonathan was not an Ijaw President or that of the South South zone alone but the president of all Nigerians.

"Well, we have noted that whilst we are not responsible for the utterances, statements of some of our support individuals, groups and organizations; we are cautioning them to be mindful of what they say.

“Ours is a national party. We cover all zones, all local governments. No individual owns our party, no group, no people, no zone owns our party. And being a national party, we caution some of our people, some of our supporters to be mindful of the zeal that they exhibit. Let the wrong impression not be given."

It would be recalled that Asari-Dokubo had threatened that, “ex- militants would return to their old ways should President Jonathan lose the election,” at a meeting last week with Bayelsa State governor.
“Obviously Davido had a successful year thru 2014, winning multiple awards and an additional endorsement deal with Close Up. He is working incredibly hard on completing his Sophomore album with award and endorsement worthy music.
The Sound ft. Uhuru & Dj Buckz is evidently a solid hit to usher the number one artist in Africa: Davido (OBO, The Baddest) into 2015. The new hit single is Co produced by Uhuru & Shizzi, it will definitely move your body to the sound. The music video to The Sound was shot in Dubai, Directed by Sesan and will leave all in awe.”

Friday, January 30, 2015


Tycano ( Born Tosin Yakubu ) is back after a short silence from music, the Unilag undergraduate is back with a lovely tune that shows so much about his writing dexterity.. REGULATE is a wonderful song that is so easy to relate to….. Produced by Abjos @AbjosBeat………… Watch out for the visuals soon

Suge Knight can’t stop getting into trouble. The co-founder of Death Row Records, 49, turned himself into police for
questioning and was subsequently arrested on suspicion of murder on Jan. 30, a new report claims. The rap mogul reportedly killed his friend, Terry Carter, and sent two others to the hospital in a deadly hit and run sparked by a fight on a movie set in Compton, Calif.
Suge’s lawyer believes the incident was an accident. Suge was arrested on suspicion of murder after the horrifying events on the set of the N.W.A. biopic, Straight Outta
Compton, Los Angeles Times reports. His bail has been set at $2 million, according to TMZ.
The rapper turned himself into the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department West
Hollywood station with his attorney around 12:30 a.m. on Jan. 30 to be questioned by
detectives as a person of interest.
Suge was believed to be both “armed and dangerous” during the incident. After a fight broke out between him and two crew
members, who were believed to have instigated Suge’s actions, he violently threw his car into reverse, killing Terry. Suge was on a movie set at the time of the incident, where Ice Cube and Dr. Dre were previously filming their upcoming film.
Witnesses at the burger joint, Tam’s Burgers, claimed they saw Suge’s car back up and run over the victim twice before fleeing
the scene.
Less than six months ago, Suge was at the center of a scary club shooting during Chris Brown‘s pre-VMA party, where he was shot six times.
“The music is beautiful and creative and it showcases an authentic African groove, fusing a large horn section, call and response and a long coda that is reminiscent of the late great Fela Kuti compositions.
Bez has spent the past year recording in studios in New York, Houston, Lagos, and even going to his Northern Nigerian village of Karu, Nassarawa State to work with and record traditional musicians and instrumentation to craft this big, bodacious, brilliant and brassy collection of records of which There’s A Fire is the first single. The song written by Bezhiwa Idakula (BEZ) & Simisola Ogunleye, a.k.a Simi, X3M Music recording artiste.
The track features phenomenal bassist and recording artist, Michael Olatuja. Houston TX based, Marcie Chapa, extraordinary percussionist who currently plays in “Suga Mama”, Beyonce’s all female band. Tying the sound all together is Bez’s producer and label head, Cobhams Asuquo. The Video was directed by MEX of PXC.
African Independent Television (AIT), had alleged that their Online presidential opinion poll was compromised in favor of the presidential candidate of the APC, Muhammadu Buhari, hence they stopped the poll.

But the Executive Director of Nigeria's Paradigm Initiative and popular IT consultant Gbenga Sesan, conducted an investigation of the file and discovered that AIT forged the documents, allegedly crafting fake IP addresses to support their claims.
Sesan tweeted: "What AIT won’t tell you about the CSV file shared with other media houses, along with their statement, is that it’s easy to edit columns... I challenge AIT to release the CSV file with all erring IP addresses, and let’s trace those IPs to see where they lead."
Below are the revelations that exposed AIT's fake proof against Buhari:


If you want to tell lies with technology, be smart about it. There are many IT experts around these days.
Sincerely, it is only a quick change of campaign strategy that can save Goodluck Jonathan from the raging storm that Muhammadu Buhari and the APC now represents in the political landscape.

Tens of thousands of supporters of the APC took Lagos by storm as they defied the early morning shower on Friday to give a rousing welcome and support to General Buhari and his running mate, Professor Yemi Osinbajo.

The carnival-like scene was enacted as the party’s presidential campaign train hit Lagos, one of the major strongholds of APC. Teslim Balogun Stadium in Lagos, venue of the rally, witnessed an unprecedented crowd of party faithful from all walks of life.

Members of the party across the 20 Local Governments and 37 Local Council Development Areas, political office holders, candidates in the forthcoming February elections among others stormed the venue of the rally.

The Hausa community in Lagos came in their thousands displaying old and new portraits of Buhari. Also in attendance were different groups of pysically challenged people such as the deaf, blind and others. The party supporters took over the football pitch in the rain to dance to music from the loud speakers. The old, young and the disabled were not left out in the dancing game. Some waved their brooms shouting ‘Sai Buhari, Change Jonathan’.

The crowd at the stadium is very intimidating.



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